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Visit the ‘Golden State’ with Out in Front’s Breakthrough Indie Pop-Rock Debut

The indie scene has been crying out for ingenuity; Out in Front answered the plea for sonic salvation from assimilative monotony with their debut single, Golden State, which may have only been on the airwaves for two months, but the LA newcomers have wasted no time racking up close to 100k streams on Spotify alone with their inaugural release.

After the prelude teases just another twee indie pop single to add to the indie landfill, Golden State shifts gears with a brashy crescendo of overdriven guitars that hark back to The Manic Street Preacher’s earlier records before the jangle pop melodies add yet another scintillating dimension to the dynamic earworm that you’ll beg to stay.

With the Southern Cali sound an integral part of their sonic signature, the trio who met by chance at a tennis court before jamming together and realising they had the epitome of creative chemistry to share with fans all across the indie pop-rock spectrum, Golden State drenches the airwaves with glistening golden tonal bliss, wrapped in a hazily hued aura that almost feels like a second skin when you’re immersed in this instant hit.

Golden State is available to stream on all major platforms, including Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

60s garage rock rides surf rock waves in The MindRide’s latest single, Delta Alpha

The MindRide

Even at half the length of your average pop track, the nostalgia-driven duo, The MindRide created the ultimate LA proto punk bop with their latest single, Delta Alpha, which grooves with nuances of skate punk and surf-rock and comes together as the ultimate genre-fluid earworm.

With The Walkmen-Esque percussion falling slightly below the warm and crunchy overdriven guitar tones and the relentless momentum in the vocals, getting caught up in the punky euphoria of Delta Alpha is non-optional. Especially for fans of The Kinks, The Strokes, and The Sonics. With their 5th album in the pipeline, The MindRide deserve a spot on your radar.

Check out The MindRide on their official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast