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Look Inside: L E T I reminds us that our beautiful environment deserves much better on ‘Rise’

With a heavenly vocal stream of only pure waterfall-like loveliness, L E T I takes our hand on leads us into a finer world where the air is clear and we can all live in a place that isn’t polluted with unnecessary waste on ‘Rise‘.

L E T I is a London, UK-based indie singer-songwriter who sings with a completely genuine nature that is only replenished with love and a kind outlook that has you completely hypnotised.

Rise talks about the ripple effect that happens when we all start to individually shift our habits while also raising awareness of other social change challenges around climate justice such as the importance of protecting indigenous lands and supporting young generations to build a sustainable future.” ~ L E T I

With her beaming smile lighting up the sky as her stunning voice flows through into our awaiting souls, L E T I is the role model that young and old shall quickly embrace with love. Her only goal appears to be so clear to see – as she sings about a vital issue that has plagued us for so long – as you intrinsically sense such pristine brilliance from a truly wonderful talent.

Rise‘ from the London, UK-based indie singer-songwriter L E T I, is a lovable new single that calls for us all to help our planet to be a better place for future generations to enjoy as we have. With so much greed and poor decisions taking place when it comes to our environment, this is a really tranquil song that will have you closing your eyes and looking into a cleaner world. It’s up to us all to speak up now, so that we may protect a creaking planet that is calling out for help as we speak.

Listen to this new track on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen