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Bath-based alternative act L.A. Funeral wonders if the care was ever there on ‘Undeniable’

Gracing us with a passionate single that might have you lighting those candles and taking time to reflect, L.A. Funeral return gloriously with a release that might find you shedding a small tear on ‘Undeniable‘.

Bath, UK-based music producer, expert composer and seriously skilled multi-instrumentalist Jamie Floyde has created L.A. Funeral, which is an alternative outfit that will shudder at your heartstrings.

Having been a part of the southwest Indie music scene for the last decade, L.A. Funeral is the debut solo venture of an artist nearly two decades into the making.” ~ L.A. Funeral

Closing the tired eyes and reigniting the passion deep within the awaiting veins, L.A. Funeral¬†brings us a timeless single for anyone who has felt the air of disappointment that can take you under if you aren’t too careful. Intricate melodies, emotionally excellent vocals and lyrics that capture your imagination are on offer here, as we are let into a story that will have you contemplating everything you have ever felt before.

Undeniable‘ from the Bath, UK based alternative act L.A. Funeral, is one of those timeless tracks when you need some comfort after a break-up. The vocals are quite superb and the total ambience will put you into a nostalgic mood, with one of the deeper singles you will hear all year. Sometimes it’s okay to be sad so that you may regather your thoughts, to fly free like a healed bird again.

Listen in to this new single on Soundcloud and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen