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KTWG Releases Intimate Poetic Song “Jaded Seaguls Singalong”

Jaded Seaguls Singalong - folk version by KTWG

KTWG is an artist from Paris with a sound that cannot be strictly categorised or labeled. His music, particularly the song “Jaded Seaguls Singalong,” has a strong Folk element with poetic lyrics and a guitar accompaniment, but it also presents a strong sense of individual creativity in the way the voice is used to create effects towards the end of the song. The music carries a sensitivity in its character that brings out a strong human aspect even through sets of cryptic lyrics. The strong accent which comes through as the lyrics unfold also adds an even more naturally raw human element to the whole song.

“jaded Seagulls Singalong” starts off immediately with an image evoking verse that transports the listener directly to the story which, although carrying a sense of melancholy, manages to bring out even more the effects of strong human emotions. Some of the phrases can sometimes be more abstract that others and this element of mysteriousness makes the song even more intriguing. The instrumental backdrop is kept calm and smooth-flowing throughout and as the song reaches its ending, the vocal phrases turn into juxtaposed melodies that add the the melancholic naturally human sensation that the song creates. KTWG definitely has an imitable sound that stands out and this personal touch is what makes his music so unique.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja