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Ted Addic Releases His Awaited LP ‘Idubology Vol.1’ Available Now Via Streaming Outlets

With his unique combination of old school rap and modern trap grooves, Ted Addic stands out as one of the most exciting acts to hail from Sydney’s thriving trap scene.

His recent single, Krispy Kreme is a perfect example of the great production aesthetics and energetic performances that this artist puts into his work. Taken from the artist’s recent work, “Idubology Vol.1”, The song has a lush, punchy atmosphere. The tone of this truck is rich, yet it remains personal and direct, with a relentless lyrical flow that brings grit and melody to the table in equal doses.

The stunning music video offers a nice cinematic interpretation of the song’s theme itself: it is all about artists struggling to actually pursue their career and let their voices be heard. This particularly thought-provoking topic is further explored in  “Idubology Vol.1”, which offers an earnest portrait of “individuals living through the dark side of life”