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Taking back those tears: KRAiG DiEL wants to make it all right on ‘i’M JUST TRYiNG TO APOLOGiZE’

i’M JUST TRYiNG TO APOLOGiZE‘ is the latest song from the dazzling talent of KRAiG DiEL, as he aims to make it all better one last time.

KRAiG DiEL is a talented Newcastle-based pop/trap solo artist, who has made a huge impact of humongous proportions, since entering the scene a month ago. He makes that smoothly delivered music that gets you thinking deeply and dancing with that special soul in your life at the same time.

With electro vibes that strike at your speakers hot, they steam up quickly with this love story that is in peril. His effortless voice brings to you to a reflective state as you recall past relationship and how sometimes, they just ended so suddenly. whist others stood the test of time and survived all rocks being thrown as your core was built to last forever.

i’M JUST TRYiNG TO APOLOGiZE‘ is an indie-pop tear streamer as he puts us into the story of attempting to put things right but is having trouble doing so. With a smooth voice and bags of charm, fast-rising UK artist KRAiG DiEL will surely get through to her but it will take a bit longer and the tissues might need replacing first.

Sometimes you try and make it right but you somehow end up making it all worse, as you pierce through the glass memories that are now broken and you are the glue to put things back to together, no matter who’s fault it was. You can try and fix it but ultimately, it will never be the same.

Stream this fresh new track on Spotify and see his stylish ways on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen