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Kid Icarus is back with electronic reflector about ex-friends with ‘’Femto’’

With a popular name, ‘’Kid Icarus’’ is hard to find out much information on but he does bring out good music. ‘’Femto’’ is the latest release and it’s got Electronic soul written all over it.

There are a few artists with the same name but no one with the same vibe as this US based musician. He comes up with sing–along music that is meant to be all about love and peace. There is no ego with this artist and his grounded music is there for all to see. 

‘’Femto’’ is all about friends that we used to have that are no longer. This is a deep song about memories and moving on due to the energy-sapping nature of trying to make things work that aren’t there sadly.

Get more of this peaceful Kid Icarus vibe here on his Spotify page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen