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Slipped Away: Nashville’s Eric Coomer wonders if the kids would be better off on ‘Somewhere Along the Line’

As he wonders why the love of his life has chosen to sink deeply into the chair and slowly fade away from existence, Eric Coomer sings with sincere feeling on the breakup anthem of 2021 on the tear-inducing ‘Somewhere Along the Line’.

Eric Coomer is a Nashville, Tennesee-based, Kentucky-born, indie singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who loves to express his traveller-like stories that are always entrenched in total honesty.

Never satisfied sounding like anyone else, Eric strives to be an original and veer away from the ordinary.” ~ Eric Coomer

Oozing world-class vocals and unpretentious lyrics that have you comprehensively intrigued as to his path in this strange world, Eric Coomer might be one of the most underrated solo musicians in the world. His style is unassuming and he performs without that unwanted flash, as he flourishes on this exquisite release that has you listening so intently.

Somewhere Along the Line‘ from the Nashville, Tennesee-based indie solo artist and multi-talented Eric Coomer, is one of the most expressive singles you will immerse yourself into this festive season. He is quite incredible from start to finish, as he pours his heart out on this personal track. This is the story about a lost love that decided to close the door emotionally, and wasn’t there to try and make it work.

Sometimes in life, you just have to move on, so that you may fly free away from someone who has already made a new nest for themselves.

Listen to this fine new single on Spotify and see more news on his IG.

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Talk Is Cheap: Louisville hard rock band Wyld Ryde run the streets on powered-up new single ‘Gasoline Alley’

As they let us know that you need to be vigilant in this part of town as one erroneous move could have you in difficulty, Wyld Ryde light up our imagination and keep on emitting out high-velocity vocals and devastating guitar riffs that shall certainly wake you up on ‘Gasoline Alley‘.

Wyld Ryde is an explosive 4-piece Louisville, Kentucky-based indie hard rock/heavy metal band that seems to make the speakers bleed with their hardcore music creations.

Members Chief-Lead Vocals & Guitar, Tommy Blitz-Lead Guitar & vocals, Mick Watkins-Bass Guitar & Vocals and Kidd Vicious-Drums are on a mission to dominate modern Rock music.” ~ Wyld Ryde

Wyld Ryde is absolutely breathtaking from start to finish as the ominous start of this video projects, as they swarm our ears with a thunderously-charged performance that reminds you of the greats from yesteryear.

Gasoline Alley‘ from the Louisville, Kentucky-based indie hard rock/heavy metal act Wyld Ryde, is the type of track that might send shivers running down your unprotected spine. They prove why they are one of the most respected outfits around at the moment and are on top form here – with an exceedingly-energetic track – ll about making sure that you know where your place is on these mean streets.

See this roaring new music video on YouTube and get a sense of what they are all about on their IG.

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I Remember: Kentucky’s Levi Cadle sadly knows they have been gone for years on ‘Ghost’

Powered once again by Bentley Records, Levi Cadle is at his absolute best about a loved soul who is sadly not there anymore on the latest single called ‘Ghost‘.

Kentucky, USA-based guitarist, indie Alt-RnB/Soul singer-songwriter, former band member of a plethora of local bands and music wizard Levi Cadle, is an expressive artist who likes to put his whole heart into everything he drops.

Through high school and beyond, Levi has played in full bands, trios, in a duo, and as a solo artist, taking full advantage of any chance to learn and apply that knowledge to his own musical understanding of himself.” ~ Levi Cadle

This is the sad story about missing someone so much, as you were so close once. Unfortunately they have since vanished, but you will never forget about them as the memory is still so vivid. You feel his pain soak all over this tear-raising effort, that has you wondering about those who are sadly now lost to time.

Ghost‘ from the multi-talented Kentucky-based indie Alt RnB/Soul artist Levi Cadle, shows us a man who recalls that unique person who he thought would be there forever. The love will always entrenched into his soul, as he sings with a raw emotion that is quite sensationally projected by a truly outstanding artist.

Hear this fab new single on Spotify and see more news on his IG music page.

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A Little Time: Tatiyana Dean moves away from the broken vibrations on ‘Soul Repair’

As she dries her eyes out and shows incredibly inspirational strength to move past this heartbreaking moment that she refuses to define her, Tatiyana Dean shows us what its like to feel like you need some time to fully fix your sadness and beam brightly again on ‘Soul Repair‘.

Tatiyana Dean is a Lexington, Kentucky-based indie RnB/Neo-Soul solo artist who sings with the wind at her creative sails as she uses her faith, common sense and universe-given talents, to truly flourish and perform with a rare grace.

This is the true story about a recent ex who totally underestimated you. They brought you down and you doubted yourself for a while – but now know what to do in the future to prevent this from ever happening – as you close the door for a while to rejuvenated all your senses. Loving fully again is down the road, while you take out the map and work out what type of person you want to be with.

Featuring a sweetly-tipped-with-honey vocal ability which is such a blessing to warmly let inside your zestful interior, she is the type of singer that has a clear conscious and projects such genuine intentions throughout this beautiful experience. You can easily feel her emotions soak the shivering speakers, as she eloquently opens up her curtains to see if its safe to love heartily again.

Soul Repair‘ from the fabulously classy Kentucky-based indie RnB/Neo-Soul musician Tatiyana Dean, is an inspiring be-strong-Queen anthem that is all about rising back up again after taking some time to get your heart right. After a real battering which had your valuable energy shattered all over the floor like a broken wine bottle, this is the kind of track which has you brushing up all the damage to be stronger again. Sung with a really impressive determination, this is a song that so many of us can relate to.

Love can be harsh but if you take that time out to heal, you can be even stronger than before.

Hear this emotionally-charge single of lost love on Spotify and see more on IG.

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Staying true to yourself: E.D impresses highly with ‘i promise’ (Prod. i$mael jam)

E.D rips the mic off the stand with an impressive performance on the outstanding new single called ‘i promise‘ (Prod. i$mael jam).

Ed Carter aka E.D is an underground American emcee from Owensboro, Kentucky and he is a seriously skilled storyteller who has a razor flow that is sharpened correctly; could be known to the whole wide world.

The jazzy start gets you grooving quickly as the exquisite beat drops to much applause. The true story about trying to ignore the money train and staying true to your morals in this often-fake world. He raps from the heart and stays true to himself with a soulful style that illuminates from each bar he drops.

His flow is flourishing and the witty lyricism reminds you of the good old days of that top shelf hip-hop. With a dazzling array of punchy lyrics, he smashes through the competition with a thumping track that grabs your soul hard and doesn’t let go.

i promise‘ (Prod. i$mael jam) from Kentucky emcee E.D is the type of hip-hop track you admire and turn up loud to take in the quality vocals, excellent beat and ultimate realness.

If he can build a small and loyal team, be highly visible on all viable music and social media platforms and push out consistently valuable content, he has the talent to go far in this game, if he wants it enough. To promise yourself you will do whatever it takes, is a statement and a mindset that conquers all.

Hear this top track on Soundcloud and see what’s next on Twitter.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Doing things the right way: Levi Cadle heats up that special soul food on ‘How We Like It’

Powered by Bentley Records, Levi Cadle grooves his way into our lives with a memorable performance to remember, on the funky-driven new single ‘How We Like It‘.

Kentucky, USA-based guitarist, singer-songwriter, former band member of various local acts and sincere music scholar Levi Cadle, expertly mixes blues, funk and smooth soul vibes inside your whole body, to get your feet tapping and your blood flow back to normal again. After being bitten by the music when he was just thirteen years old, instead of using the mosquito spray, he instead jumped straight into the music nest and is happier for the spiritually enhancing experience.

This the funky story of doing things the right way in life, as you know this is the proper formula to follow to reach inner happiness. There might be other tempting shortcuts around but you and your team know that the correct path, will lead you to the end goal with smiles on your cheerful faces.

With a soulfully pure voice that sends your heart into a state of delightful bliss, we are treated to a studied musician who has performed in many duos, trios, bands and for other artists, but now it feels like he is thoroughly enjoying this electric carpet solo ride. With so much more freedom to create, he is only getting better and better like that tasty fine wine.

How We Like It‘ from Kentucky’s indie-soul groove mover Levi Cadle, is the type of song you put on and feel instantly better for the time you spent listening. He has that inner self-awareness to read his audience and know that they need healing, in this time of unrest in our world.

Doing things your way can work out long-term, if its the authentic and right way of doing things. This feels like one of those times where a self-aware musician has that special sauce stored inside, that fills our stomachs and souls with that old school quality- that this planet needs more of.

Hear this fantastic music wonderland on Spotify and see his laid-back vibes on IG.

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Kentucky R&B artist Faif deals with more loss on well-received video ”Fallen Tears”

Kentucky’s 2019 R&B Artist of The Year, Faif has been gaining much momentum in the music industry in the US. Although the vibrant artist with a great voice is capable of writing hook packed, party jams, his latest single strikes a sad topic. He reminisces about lost friends, addressing them by name as he struggles to reconcile with his grief. Teaming up with Dantana Smith (cultivating_perception) Faif brings his fourth single produced by Siahonthebeats titled “Fallen Tears”.

This is a fantastic song laced with such sadness and Faif strides forward with so much purpose. The R&B artist sends a fabulous tribute to those that have lost their lives. He expresses the grief in such a classy way and must be applauded for such class during a troubling time.

Fallen Tears” is a moment of respect for the people in Faif’s life that have been sadly lost and this is a sad song with real meaning. It’s a mark to the man that he put this song out to celebrate their lives.

Stream the video here on YouTube.

Check out more from this R&B stud on his Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen