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Kenneth Jesse Rogers IV

KJ Rogers is totally ready if the feeling is reciprocated on ‘Love Too Hard HBOTL’ (feat. Justin Charles)

Wishing for the sweet love to reach a whole new stratosphere entirely, KJ Rogers senses that this might be something rather special if the two hearts join as one at the same time on ‘Love Too Hard HBOTL(feat. Justin Charles).

KJ Rogers aka Kenneth Jesse Rogers IV is a prodigious New Jersey, USA-born indie RnB singer-songwriter and music producer who is the son of House music legend, CeCe Rogers.

At the age of 5, KJ started playing the piano and by the age of 15, he started producing his own music.” ~ KJ Rogers

With his eyes locked on and ready for more, KJ Rogers sings with heightened passion that endears one to his mission to be with that incredible human who needs to know how he truly feels about their spiritual connection.

His unique sound comes from a rich experience of working and being mentored by his dad, and other acquaintances such as Marshal Jefferson and Free da Dreamer from the popular Hip Hop duo Entouch.” ~ KJ Rogers

Love Too Hard HBOTL(feat. Justin Charles) from New Jersey, USA-born indie RnB singer-songwriter and music producer KJ Rogers is a hugely romantic single that shows us the frustration when you want to be with someone so badly. With lyrics that show us deeply into this story about feeling the love, but sensing that it’s a fruitless chase if he can’t find the correlation quickly.

Sometimes you need to take a step back, so that your ideal lover may show the commitment needed.

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