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Kai Avilla Releases “Episode 3- Master Kai” (Prod. HoffaKnockz)

If you think that rap music has gone as far as it can, just take a listen to Kai Avilla’s strange musical concoctions. Yes, it certainly has a rap and chilled R&B core but it wanders such a weird and warped musical landscape that you almost feel that we need to invent a new generic label for it. Mutant hip-hop? Cosmic Rap? Alien R&B? Take your pick but they still seem somehow inadequate to neatly sum up what is going on here. I guess you will just have to listen to the music.

Musically it wanders through a dystopian urban landscape, one which sounds like the score to a futuristic world or one that has taken a bit of a wrong turning into a strange parallel dimension. The rapped lyrics are often shrouded in warped effects, slowed down and weirded out and so become sonic creations, instruments rather than regular communications fuelling the idea that this is rap made by non-human, non-terrestrial beings. I’m really not sure where this fits into the scheme of things or even where it goes next but it is going to be intriguing to watch.