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Brianna Kinsley – Storm Is Rising: An Ode to Chaos

Brianna Kinsley should be the name on everyone’s lips after she brought out her Electro Indie Pop Rock debut track. Her haunting vocals soar over her first ever single release Storm is Rising, dominating this minimalistic electro soundtrack by pouring her heart and soul into the mix. The arrangement of the composition is irresolutely complex, it’s a cacophony of ominous drumrolls and strong piano chords as an ode to her rock & metal influences.

The transgression throughout her debut track is staggering when the chorus hits you truly do feel like you’re in the eye of a storm as you’re swept along by the lyrics which convey pure, unscaled truths.

For anyone with a penchant for melancholic vibes you’re in for a treat, curtesy of the stunningly talented singer songwriter from Washington. It’s so damn refreshing to hear an artist that actually puts life into a track through the lyrics and doesn’t just bust out words because they sound good, as the track fades out it’s evident that there’s a mountain of truth to unfold through Brianna Kinsley’s next releases.

I have a feeling this won’t be the last we hear from Brianna Kinsley.

Her debut track Storm is Rising is now available to listen via Spotify: