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John Kaste doesn’t lament love (too much) on his latest track ‘I’m Not Sorry That I Love You’

The acoustical John Kaste has released a new acoustic track ‘I’m Not Sorry That I Love You’ as part of his latest collection of deeply personal indie-pop songs: FEAR. 

‘I’m Not Sorry’ takes off with an uplifting, spirited guitar arpeggio that reflects on the artist’s response to intimacy, fear and unrequited love in wildly unpredictable times. It’s a relatable sound for those who find beauty in the melancholy, and resistance in the face of adversity (which, I’m aware, is not a small audience by any means). 

Kaste’s ability to find a warm, comforting melody with his soft tone, mild pitch and light attack on the strings manages to shine through the recording at its high points. Thankfully, the song never quite manages to overstay its welcome – almost with the gentle air of an overnight visitor knowingly shutting the door on their way out of your bedroom (for the last time). Ryan Lerner

You can check out John Kaste’s ‘I’m Not Sorry That I Love You’ over on his Soundcloud now.