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Slip into a rock noir fever dream with Call to the Void’s latest single, Blow

South London’s Call to the Void delivered a smorgasbord of style in their synthesis of garage rock, proto-punk, post-punk, and grunge in the track they crashed onto our radar with earlier this year. Their previous release, Uncontrollable, was one thing; their latest fervid feat, Blow, is another entirely. The vice-like rhythmic grip will drag you down the shadowy rabbit hole in the rock n roll fever dream, where a séance is held with the sonic aesthetic of Jim Morrison, Cobain, and Lux Interior.

By driving innovation through the rancorously electric vintage tones between the melodic increments used to ensnare you in the jaws of their shaking, rattling, and rolling cultivated panache, there’s no getting out of Blow alive once you experience the dark rock noir atmosphere, which twists and turns on a knife edge to impale you on the spikes of innovation that proliferate this nefariously dark hit.

Blow will be available to stream on all major platforms from January 5th, following the pre-release on Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Call to the Void

Ayrton Jimenez introduces us to Downton BA in his debut single.

Up and coming Singer-songwriter Ayrton Jimenez has released his debut single, Downtown BA; if the Doors used Spanish guitars and there was more sugar-coating to Jim Morrison’s vocals, their singles would run in the same psych-pop vein as this sultrily paced acoustic pop earworm.

Debut singles aren’t often as promising as this sweet, sensual and tonally rich single; we’re already eager to hear what Ayrton Jimenez has in store for his sophomore release. His authenticity is only matched by his accessibility. Given the chance, his radio-ready sound will become A-list material.

Downton BA will be available to stream on all major platforms from September 10th; check it out for yourselves on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Mark Millar sings the psych-tinged blues in the standout single from their sophomore album ‘Killer’

After honing-in on their craft in popular UK touring bands, Mark Millar finally made their debut in 2019 with the solo album ‘On the Journey’. Inspiration has been flowing ever since, leading to the release of their sophomore album, ‘Take Me to the River’, featuring the stunning spin on psych-tinged blues rock ‘Killer’.

Lofty blues guitars perfectly complement the 70s style rock vocals which bring a Jim Morrison kick to the soundscape which allows Mark Millar to humbly show his lifetime of experience perfecting blues bends.

You can practically hear vultures circling above the deserty full-bodied semi-orchestral instrumental arrangement which allows classical strings to pull off the intricate soulful progressions which will serenade you as much as the vocals.

You can check out Mark Millar’s album Take Me to the River via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Marco Lippini – Acceptable Theories: Sex Appeal and Sun-Soaked Romance!

Well, well, well!

Marco Lippini is that guy! He is the guy that stands in front of a microphone, plugs in, and keeps you mesmerised for an hour in a darkened room without breaking a sweat. No bells, no whistles, no antics required. ‘Acceptable Theories’ is an album that is bound to keep you transfixed. His vocals are raw and honest, reminiscent of Jim Morrison at the height of his career, and his songwriting skills are superb.

Each song is eerily enchanting and his stories are weaved in a complex but pleasing way. Like The Smiths, his thoughts are often delivered satirically, without detracting from his powerful and heartwarming message. Mastery always seems effortless and Marco Lippini’s laid back, drawling storytelling is classically understated whilst remaining musically pure and impeccable.

‘Acceptable Theories’ is a timeless treasure that oozes sex appeal and languid, sun drenched romance. It isn’t often that you find an album of songs that flows so well that you don’t feel the need to skip some songs but, you can rest assured, there will be no need for your thumb to hover!

Listen to ‘Acceptable Theories’ by Marco Lippini on Spotify and have fun. Let us know what you think.

Review by Susan Harriott

Living Shape Releases Hard Hitting Rock Track “Nirwana”

Living Shape is an alternative rock band from Zurich, Switzerland.

Their sound is hard-hitting, no-frills and no-compromise alternative rock. The tone of the band is really captivating and interesting.

If I could describe it by making comparisons, I would say that their recent single, “Nirwana”, almost sounds like Jim Morrison fronting The Foo Fighters, jamming with members of Metallica.

The track is a great example of the band’s eclectic influences. The guitar tones of the group tip the hat at the early metal sound of the 70s, learning lessons from bands such as Metallica or Judas Priest. The vocals are present, really cutting through the mix perfectly. On the other hand, the drums are dense and thick, echoing the best early stoner rock and grunge. In spite of the band’s rocking attitude, there is also a lot of melody in this track, making it appealing to a broad pool of listeners.

The band recently even took to Youtube to release a brand new music video for their single, which showcases the band jamming in various locations in an abandoned old mansion!