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California rockers The Guitar and Whiskey Club are back with their signature aplomb-greatness on ‘Does Your Dog Bite’

Saucing the airwaves with something that might remind you of yesteryear, The Guitar and Whiskey Club break down the door with so much style that the crowd cheers in cheeky delighted excitement on ‘Does Your Dog Bite‘.

The Guitar and Whiskey Club is an experienced Ventura, California-based indie hard rock band that was founded by Jeffrey Donovan and are known for their dynamic stage presence.

The group has already supported some heavies on the scene, including LA Guns, Accept, Vince Neil, The Iron Maidens, Geoff Tate, Dokken and Jack Russell’s Great White.” ~ The Guitar and Whiskey Club

Delighting our ravenous souls with this memorable performance up there with the best of 2022, The Guitar and Whiskey Club shows us their timeless quality yet again with their gritty vocals and skin-splitting guitar skills that shall inspire you to turn up the volume until your eardrums shudder.

Does Your Dog Bite‘ from Ventura, California-based indie hard rock band The Guitar and Whiskey Club, has a definite classic feel to it from all corners of this high-powered release. This is the kind of track that will shake your eardrums just the way fans of this genre like it, as the melodies take you to a simpler time that was all about the music and not the follows. Surging through with fantastic delivery and packed full with that extra piece of brilliant that seems to be lacking in current day releases, this is a track to get your blood rushing just right.

Hear the riffs that memories are made of on Spotify and check out their Facebook page for tour dates.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen