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Reached The Ending: Sydney pop artist Jeffrey Chan feels drowned in disappointment on Over

After recently climbing down from the euphoric and dizzying heights of his previous release, Vertigo, Jeffrey Chan misses that succulent taste on his lips but knows that it is finally Over permanently as a new romantic journey awaits.

Jeffrey Chan is a Sydney, Australia-based pop artist who loves it retro and 80s synth with a sprinkle of inspiration from Eurythmics, Duran Duran and Daft Punk.

At the core of it, Over is a breakup song but it’s that specific moment when you have finally come to terms with the end of a relationship. I wanted to capture that feeling when you’re looking back at everything that happened, both the good and the bad.” ~ Jeffrey Chan leading us into what this top track actually means

With his signature explosive vocals that might heat up your entire room, Jeffrey Chan is in imperious form yet again with another thunderbolt of authenticity from a self-enlightened soul who knew that it was time to close to chapter. Sung with an honest tone and introspective lyrics, he manages to guide us to the truth even if we didn’t want to hear it at first because of the pain attached.

Over from the dynamic Sydney, Australia-based pop artist Jeffrey Chan is a sad song at its core and shows us how quickly a relationship can fracture briskly into the sea of the past. Reminding us of those happy moments that are now meshed with the sudden realisation that it is actually the end. Forever.

Sometimes you need to swim like a Dolphin into another ocean where you can find that healing place to start over again.

Listen up on Spotify and check out the IG music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Jeffrey Chan is feeling rather dizzy from this romantic high on ‘Vertigo’

Returning after dropping the dynamic breakup fueled single ‘You Only Want Me When I’m Gone‘ from November 2021, Jeffrey Chan shows us that love is still possible if you truly believe in it with an 80’s-type feel to proceedings inside his ‘Vertigo‘.

Jeffrey Chan is a Sydney, Australia-based indie-pop artist who continues to grow and blend in his retro style with his love for expressive lyrics.

Vertigo is a song that captures the feeling of the euphoric and dizzying highs of falling in love, and how sometimes this love can be almost obsessive, and drive you to do crazy things! This track and the single art is actually inspired by the Hitchcock film of the same name.” ~ Jeffrey Chan

Breathing fresh air into the winds of adoration that can sometimes turn your whole perspective upside-down sometimes, Jeffrey Chan strikes while the fire is hot and leads the way when it comes to seductive pop music in 2022.

Vertigo‘ from Sydney, Australia-based indie-pop artist Jeffrey Chan is the type of song that so many humans can certainly relate to. Sung with a passionate vigourousness that shall take you right inside to that picture you want to see with lots of kisses and romance, this is the track to click your whole body into action if you have been slow to make your move.

Sometimes you just need a spark, to see if this romance is actually possible or not.

Sizzle your ears with the song on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

No One Else To Hold: Soothing Sydney pop artist Jeffrey Chan drops the break up single of the year with ‘You Only Want Me When I’m Gone’

With an honestly-written story that tells us how those maddening nights staying up too late while wondering what their true intentions actually are, Jeffrey Chan wonders why his ex-lover wasted valuable time in the first place with a sadly shallow love that could have been avoided on ‘You Only Want Me When I’m Gone‘.

Jeffrey Chan is a Sydney, Australia-based retro pop solo artist and pianist, who sings with such a calming nature, you feel like you are being transported into a whole new dimension.

His passion for music was first ignited through classical piano lessons from the age of 5, but it wasn’t until later when he began to incorporate his piano training with his love for singing and songwriting, into modern pop music.” ~ Jeffrey Chan

Jeffrey Chan shows us his world-class quality yet again on a lost love track which is completely packed full of introspective enlightenment – which opens the door to that much-needed process to get bad energy out of your system – so that you may resume normal service in your life.

You Only Want Me When I’m Gone‘ from the Sydney, Australia-based retro pop solo artist Jeffrey Chan, is that track which most of us can certainly relate to. You fell in love with the wrong person who didn’t actually care for you as they were so selfish – and you are now left with repairing your broken-down-like-a-car heart – which needs time to heal up. There is such a deep tone sung here from a truly unique musician, who has the rare gift of getting your complete attention.

Check out this new single on Spotify and see more news on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Jeffrey Chan has released his seductive dance-pop track, ‘Call My Name’

The commercial potential that we first saw when Jeffrey Chan released his debut album in 2018 is steadily coming into fruition, with multiple of his singles racking up over 100,000 streams on Spotify alone, he’s well on the way to the top, especially following on from the release of his seductive dance-pop track, Call My Name.

The tropic beats tease the euphoria of fiery hedonistic nights while Jeffrey Chan laces the up-vibe dance track that utilises choppy staccato guitars around ascending synth notes with low reverberant vocal sex appeal. Jeffrey Chan could easily teach Boy George a thing or two in terms of vocal seduction.

Call My Name is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Jeffrey Chan proves why he’s a worthy contender for breakthrough artist of the year with his single ‘Try’

‘Try’ is the latest sultrily slick, amorously entrancing Pop single from singer-songwriter Jeffrey Chan which follows on from the release of his instant 2020 hit ‘Glow’ which garnered over 100,000 streams shortly after the release.

Many artists had their worlds turned upside down during the lockdown, but with their soulfully resolving approach to punchy danceable Pop, it’s no surprise that so many people were drawn to the magnetism within Jeffrey Chan’s sound.

Timelines converge in Try as the romanticism of 80’s Synthpop coalesces with the futurism in the Australian artist’s signature sound. It is so much more than a meeting of past and future, it’s a testament of ingenuity and the artist’s ability to get dopamine pumping as hard as the rhythmically ensnaring beats. With their distinguishably seductive vocals and euphorically-crafted sound, Jeffrey Chan definitely has what it takes to be the breakthrough artist of the year.

You can check out Try for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast