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From Envy to Altruism: The Rhythmic Rapture of Lemonade Sin’s New Single, Having A Better Time

The London/Devon-based indie quintet Lemonade Sin is an elixir we always look forward to pouring; they’re just as euphonically delicious as ever in their latest nostalgia-quenching cocktail, Having A Better Time taken from their forthcoming album, Deadly Sins.

Having A Better Time puts the 6th deadly sin, envy, under a scrupulous lens to vindicate anyone who has revealed a friend as a foe through the glow of jealousy while simultaneously drenching you in the new wave of era and genre-spanning rhythmic rapture.

The chameleonic guitars progress from winding blues into the stellar production to delivering a rancorously brashy standoff against disingenuous protagonists to raising the energy in the jangle pop choruses, working in seamless synergy with the ABBA-esque keys which inject elation into a bittersweet allegory of how being blind with envy and social media-imparted FOMO is an efficacious way of ensuring your world is rooted in negativity and moral decay. Yet, instead of chastising the envious, Lemonade Sin chose a sweet not sour approach to remind listeners of the bliss which lies in altruism; you just can’t help surrendering to the soul in the lush dualling harmonies

Having A Better Time was officially released on May 17; stream the single on Spotify or purchase the single on Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

TALK IN CODE injected modernism into the euphonic aura of the 80s with their indie synthpop hit, Something of Nothing

TALK IN CODE’s latest single, Something of Nothing, is effortless to translate. The Swindon-based fourpiece injected modernism into the euphonic aura of the 80s to deliver a perennial pop earworm that will hook you into its core as it laments on people who can’t fight the compulsion to clamour over drama.

As the nostalgically retro synths cascade around the angular indie jangle-pop guitars, the vocals that flow with the new wave of pop pull you deeper into the anthemics of the rhythmically bolstered track that moves beyond stylistic influence.

If you’re sick of wading through the landfill of contemporary indie pop that now monolithically towers over what we had to contend with in the 90s, the cultivation of Something of Nothing will allow you to remember how it feels to get truly excited by a new outfit – you won’t be alone. TALK IN CODE has garnered swathes of critical acclaim from BBC Introducing, Q Music and Amazing Radio to supplement the fervour from their loyal fanbase.

After gracing over 500 playlists and racking up 300k streams across streaming platforms, indie ensembles don’t come much more promising than TALK IN CODE. If you got caught up in The 1975 hype, find a new obsession by hitting play on Something of Nothing.

Something of Nothing will be available to stream on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, from March 1st.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Etherdene – Summer Dreams: An Indietronica Ode to Seasonal Longing

Etherdene’s latest single, ‘Summer Dreams‘, is a masterstroke in indietronica, blending the magnetic allure of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs with the Smiths’ jangle-pop melodies, all while infusing a shoegaze and retro-futuristic electronica reminiscent of Tiny Ghosts.

Since her solo debut in June 2023, Etherdene has been an indomitable force in the music industry. Each release has solidified her place in the hearts of listeners and playlist curators. Her music, an affectingly arresting cocktail of empowering messages and evocative soundscapes, resonates deeply on every conceivable level.

‘Summer Dreams’, released in the heart of February, initially strikes as a paradoxical choice. However, the track’s lyrical yearning for the warmth and sticky-sweet hues of summer, set against the backdrop of the Pacific Northwest’s rainy winters, unifies through the affirmation that we’re all in it together, and now we have the ultimate soundtrack to our unified longing.

We didn’t think there was much scope for improvement from Etherdene’s previous single, You Are My World, but the complexities within Summer Dreams that reveal a new reason to fall head over heels for the single with every listen prove that Etherdene is poised to become an indietronica firebrand in 2024.

Summer Dreams was officially released on February 9th; stream the single on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Royston Vasie – Creeping: A Melodic Renaissance in the Indie Landscape

If you have had your fill of indie landfill, cleanse your sonic palette with the latest release, Creeping, from Melbourne’s most affecting melodicists, Royston Vasie.

With synth melodies sweeter than honey/Grandaddy, soulfully sludgy ennui in the same vein as Dinosaur Jr, sweepingly angular guitar licks that give Johnny Marr a run for his money and a modernist touch as a courtesy of the Jaws and Peace-esque indie accordance, Creeping is a smorgasbord of influence which amalgamates to portray Royston Vasie as one of the most promising up-and-coming artists on the airwaves in 2024.

After releasing their first two albums through Courtney Barnett’s now-defunct label, Milk! Records, Creeping marks a shift in their musical style, which previously oscillated between the garage ethos of Black Lips and the shoegaze of early The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

If the outro leaves you aching for more, mark your calendar for the release of the fourpiece’s upcoming album, Through the Canopies, which will arrive on May 15.

Creeping will inch its way onto the airwaves on February 15; stream the single on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Find out why the city never sleeps in snailosaur’s indie rock vignette, Apartment Boxes (nyc poem)

Forget what you know about New York from the over-romanticised depictions and acquaint yourself with the true nature of the cityscape, which juxtaposes grit and grime with the monolithic architecture and the egregious egos of Wall Street wolves. snailosaur’s standout single, ‘Apartment Boxes (nyc poem)’, taken from their indie rock LP, Talk Therapy, paints a fond vignette of the infamous city over the luminous tonality of their angular guitar lines, which weave elements of new wave into the nostalgia-kissed release.

While the upbeat melodies embed the single with a light and dreamy air as they cruise through the Pavement-esque progressions, the vocals act in contrast with their nonchalant drawls, adding depth to the track as they allude to the sins and cultural salvation of the city that never sleeps – and now, thanks to snailosaur, we know why; the working class are confined to coffins as they live and breathe. Yet, suffocation is a small price to pay to walk the streets that become portals in time, if you know which avenues to take.

Apartment Boxes (nyc poem) is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Sean T MacLeod – Sweetness: Indie Licks Like Sugar

Sean T MacLeod’s latest single, Sweetness, emerges as a scintillating gem in the indie music scene, showcasing MacLeod’s innate talent for crafting memorable melodies. This jangly new wave indie track echoes college radio rock and stands out for its ability to transcend the ever-growing pile of indie landfill by offering a captivating testament to MacLeod’s skilful composition, each crescendo serving as a gateway to a realm of affectionate euphoria. Someone might want to tell Morrissey that this is what a Charming Man sounds like; charm oozes from every sonic pore to create a colourfully nostalgic aura which reflects MacLeod’s seasoned experience in the industry.

Sweet in name, and sweet in nature, the upliftingly affecting soul will linger with you for days after you hear the harmonised to the nines vocal lines and piano glissandos sweep across the melody with a graceful fluidity, while the angular, exuberant guitars inject a vibrant energy into the track.

Sean T MacLeod’s background as a former member of the Dublin-based band Cisco, and his collaboration with U2’s Paul Barrett, has evidently contributed to his profound understanding of music composition and production. After hearing Sweetness, we join an army of his fans eagerly anticipating his 5th solo album, That’s When the Earth Becomes a Star.

Stream Sweetness on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

archie razed the airwaves with his latest augmented with attitude and style alt-indie hit, Mayalyn

With a voice which resonates with over 155k monthly listeners on Spotify and the confidence to create under the mononym archie, knowing that the name will become synonymous with his anthemic new wave indie aesthetic, it is no surprise to see that the 19-year-old singer-songwriter has hit razed the airwaves with his latest augmented with attitude and style single, Mayalyn.

With a vice-like grip which hits all the provocative and evocative marks, the track that starts with a saturated in delay jangly indie pop instrumental arrangement beneath his raspy croons, reminiscent of the 1975, evolves into a fiery feat of overdriven and modernised rock. With a seemingly infinite sequence of twists and turns, every progression is a revelation with Mayalyn. A revelation which paints its orchestrator as one of the most essential artists in 2023.

The classically trained Scottish singer-songwriter may only be getting started but he’s already giving every other up-and-coming act tips on how to raise the bar with lyrical ingenuity, which goes hand in virtuosic hand with his ear for a melody that will consume you when brought to life with his impassioned intensity.

Mayalyn was officially released on September 22; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Negate your way through the chaos with Midamerican Elevator’s jangle pop compass, Turn Left

With jangle pop guitar melodies reaching the epitome of effervescence under the dreamy vocal honey which tastes just as sweet as the harmonies that ensured Debbie Harry’s name would never be lost to history, the latest single, Turn Left, from the Chicago Indie Rock outfit, Midamerican Elevator is a resonant revelation.

By lyrically tracking how hard it can be to keep pace with the tumultuousness of modernity and how easy it can be to go around in circles, Turn Left speaks volumes to anyone who knows how it feels to be consumed by the franticness of society that leaves so many of us without a compass.

Between the killer chord progressions which elucidate that Midamerican Elevator will never be pedestrian at best and their capacity to fuse soul with style, they’re ones to watch out for. We’re stoked they’re back on the airwaves following the successful launch of their 2022 debut LP, Moon Ruler.

Turn Left will give indie rock fans a sense of direction on November 17th; stream the single on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Strange Neighbors grooved to a ‘Quiet Beat’ in their latest power pop single

Quiet Beat - Single by Strange Neighbors

NYC power pop outfit Strange Neighbors gave their vocal melodies all the country twang of an early Taylor Swift record in their latest single, Quiet Beat while allowing their retro sonic aesthetic to strip away the past few decades and safely transplant you into the sanctum of the 90s.

Between Aidan’s vocals and Zach’s guitars, there’s a sticky-sweet brand of alchemy that won’t fail to intoxicate you when the jangly chorus, which reminisces with the tones popularised by the Psychedelic Furs, is in full swing.

Quiet Beat is just one of the meticulously manicured singles crafted by the groove-driven outfit which has been spilling colourful aural euphoria onto the streets of New York City since 2018 by staying committed to their MO of orchestrating earworms you would need a concussion to forget.

Quiet Beat will officially release on September 14th; until then, stream and purchase the single via Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Nightcars are dancing by themselves in their indie-soul-pop-rock amalgam, On My Own


With swathes of sugar on the vocal lines as they soulfully cut across the angularly sharp guitars and scintillating synths, the latest single, On My Own, from the Venezuelan powerhouse, Nightcars, is a reinvention of 80s nostalgia you will undoubtedly want to savour.

Adding to the amalgamated mix of indie, soul, pop, and rock are the deep funk-carved groove pockets that give the addictively affectionate release a distinctive dimension, setting Nightcars easily apart from the indie landfill fray.

On My Own is Grammy-worthy for the lyric, “should I pop another pill or is this how I should feel”. In such an evocatively succinct capacity, Nightcars encapsulated how we over-medicate human emotion to stop ourselves from feeling anything at all. If you needed any inspiration to rawdog your heartbreak, there it is.

It comes as no surprise that the band’s former releases have enabled them to build an international fanbase. Away from the conflict and turmoil in Venezuela, Nightcars now safely reside in Madrid, where they are working on their upcoming third EP, Extended Play Vol. 3, which is set to release later this year.

On My Own will officially release on June 9th. Check it out on Spotify and the artist’s official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast