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James Walker an English singer-songwriter who is all set to release his debut album which he titled “English Bones” on Wild Native Records on the 17th November 2017 decided to give us a succinct cue on what to expect from his soon-to-be-released album by dropping this electrifying masterpiece he called “2009’.

It will be criminally unjust for me not to pitch how high my acclamation for Berkshire James Walker has soared over the past three years since I discovered what an amazing musical prodigy he is. If Music is the universal language of the soul then James Walker is one of its real original accents.

After giving us a peak on what his 10 songs tracklist looks like, which therein contain songs like ‘Waiting’, ‘Next to me’, ’Lullaby’, ‘Weathered’, ‘2009’, ‘Casanovas’ and a couple of other nice tracks, James released “2009” a song which seem to be the birth of his own personal life discovery. Having extensively toured Europe as a pianist, co-writer and collaborator for Adam Barnes, James Walker set his sights on creating his own work informed by his experiences of love and heartbreak, to finding an identity within the LGBT+ community, to recovery and rehabilitation from a rare heart condition.

‘2009’ in its first five seconds threw open an air of stately earned grace that’s infused with the sound of the alluring audible percussion instruments, the sweet melody, the strum of the guitar strings and the unalloyed magical piano sounds that can wrench and thaw all sort of bad feelings to oblivion. ‘2009’ is a brilliant collection of songs that James has created over the past eighteen months and the songs cover issues of identity, nostalgia & celebrity stalkers.

James Walker is a musical realist who tells the raw story of his life and dreams with no iota of bias in such a liberating way which can make your silhouette find every reason to sync with the little beautiful world he creates with most of his songs. I can only imagine what the complete album will look like if already I’m this overwhelmed with ‘2009’.


English Singer-Songwriter James Walker Releases New Single ‘Weathered’

It’s always fascinating that ambient music focuses so much on the sonic landscapes surrounding voices and instruments, and yet it tends to evoke more vulnerability and introspection than an outward focus. James Walker paints a beautiful picture and sings strongly through it with his track Weathered.

Weathered is a name that invokes torn, faded fragments of something once whole. Walker’s music comes together as a remarkably more colorful version of contemporaries like Bon Iver. This is the strength of the track; the ability to see a familiar perspective through a bolder lens than we’re accustomed to.

This isn’t just contemplation surrounded by wintry winds. This is a voice that is powerful if hesitant floating through lights and modulated atmospheres that feel lively more than they feel dreary. It’s an interesting way to approach a song that we’re all familiar with. Themes that we know very well are turned on an angle that we’ve never considered. Isn’t that what introspection is about though? Weathered finds the layers hidden beneath sadness, numbness and longing. It finds an immaculate reality that gives a palpable sense of just what James Walker is longing for.

James Walker’s album ‘English Bones’ is available to pre-order now and will be available from November 10th on all major media providers. More information and tour tickets can be found on James Walker’s official website.


2017 UK & European Tour

08/08 -> 15/08 – Horizontoer (NL)

17/08 – Sofar Sounds, Oxford (UK)

18/08 – House Concert, Hemel Hempstead (UK)

19/08 – House Concert, Reading (UK)

20/08 – Unplugged by the Sea, Sheringham  (UK)

21/08 – Three Minute Theatre, Manchester (UK)

23/08 – The Tasting House, Reading (UK)

24/08 – Caffeine & Cocktails, Reading (UK)

25/08 – House Concert, Goring Heath (UK)


29/08 – House Concert, Reading (UK)

30/08 – Latest Music Bar, Brighton (UK)

31/08 – The Library, Oxford (UK)


01/09 – Schenkers, Apeldoorn (NL)

02/09 – House Concert, Hoofddorp (NL)

03/09 – Werk aan het Spoel, Culemborg (NL)

04/09 – House Concert, Haarlem (NL)

05/09 – De Nieuwe Anita PM, Amsterdam (NL)

07/09 – Club Move, Barneveld (NL)

08/09 – Tee de Cologne, Köln (DE)

09/09 – Cowhide House Concert, Frankfurt (DE)

10/09 – Xinix, Nieuwendijk (NL)

15/09 – House Concert, Dobl (AT)

16/09 – House Concert, Linz (AT)

18/09 – Tunnel, Vienna (AT)

19/09 – KaffeeWerk, Passau (DE)

20/09 – Frankfurt International School Auditorium, Frankfurt (DE)

21/09 – House Concert, Oberursel (DE)

22/09 – Proberaum B13, Leipzig (DE)

23/09 – House Concert, Berlin (DE)

26/09 – House Concert, Hamburg (DE)

27/09 – Tonfink, Lübeck (DE)

29/09 – Villa Basta, Hasselt (BE)

30/09 – House Concert, Wantage (UK)

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-Paul Weyer