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Modestep performs thrilling gig suspended from icy peak at 6,500 feet

Modestep have performed the world’s most epic gig, on a space net suspended from a freezing New Zealand peak over an icy ravine. The sixth annual Jägermeister Ice Cold Gig stars Josh Friend and Pat Lundy of Modestep, who took their performance to new, dizzying heights, in sub-zero temperatures.

The daunting gig location, Cecil Peak in Queenstown, is 6,500 feet above sea level and accessible only by helicopter. Known for their unique electronic rock and dubstep sound, Modestep’s Ice Cold Gig set list included new single, Higher.

First developed for the extreme sport of base-jumping, the space net was handmade in Utah especially for Jägermeister and took 210 hours to create. Rigged from the cliff edge, the space net created a unique, suspended platform on which Modestep performed.  To reach their unusual stage, Josh and Pat had to zip-line over a sheer drop.

Following the gig, Josh Friend of Modestep said, “When Jägermeister approached us for the Ice Cold Gig, we knew it would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We like to challenge ourselves in new ways so we were immediately hyped to get involved. We knew that our new single Higher, would be a perfect track for this daring, elevated gig.”

Pat Lundy of Modestep added, “Every second that we spent on the space net was completely surreal. Performing in that location, with a helicopter whirling around and these insane drops beneath us –  it was definitely the most epic gig we will ever perform! We’ve been involved with Jägermeister for years, so collaborating on this experience has been unbelievable. We hope people enjoy our Ice Cold Gig and feel inspired to push their own boundaries.”

Jägermeister, the iconic German herbal spirit renowned for pushing the limits in the music world, has partnered with Modestep since 2011 through its JägerMusic programme which supports emerging and established artists. Tom Carson, Music Manager at Jägermeister UK approached the energetic London duo knowing they would be the perfect choice for the challenge.

Tom Carson said, “The gig is our annual embodiment of the bold, adventurous, spirit of Jägermeister, inspired by the perfect chilled shot serve of -18°C. It’s a big challenge for a band to perform in the freezing cold, never mind whilst suspended at 6,500 feet. Modestep blew us all away with an energetic and fearless performance – luckily they didn’t call us out on the lack of a dressing room either!”

The immense challenge of creating this ambitious gig fell to Secret Compass, a professional expedition company whose Brand Projects team travels the globe creating and capturing adventures in the World’s wildest places.

Tom McShane, Operations Director at Secret Compass commented, “Each year when we begin to brainstorm for the next Ice Cold Gig, we visualise the most incredible gig we can imagine and then we aim to bring it to life. Logistically, this Ice Cold Gig presented colossal challenges – we needed to create a stage that would hang from a mountain peak in an inhospitable environment and also ensure that all equipment was in place to deliver and capture the performance. Luckily, we revel in these challenges!”

In the Ice Cold Gig series, there’s no obstacle too big for Jägermeister to overcome. Jägermeister’s 2016 Ice Cold Gig saw Matt Tuck from Bullet For My Valentine accomplish an audacious world first: an adrenalin-filled continuous gig on land, sea and air. In 2015, TesseracT performed on top of an immense gigantic igloo, thought to be the world’s biggest in Lapland, Finland and in 2014, Jägermeister hosted the world’s first gig on an iceberg with UK metal band The Defiled. The Ice Cold Gig series has so far made it into the Guinness Book of World Records twice, and been nominated for three awards.

The ultimate summer haus party is back on the festival trail – Jägermeister’s award-winning JägerHaus

The wait is over – the JägerHaus is back with a bang. After picking up ‘Best Activation at a Festival’ at last year’s prestigious Event Awards, the immersive music venue is the ultimate festival destination and will be touring four of the UK’s most popular events this season – LoveBox, Citadel, Kendal Calling & Bestival.

The life and soul of the fields, this year the JägerHaus will be as eclectic as ever, hosting the freshest bands and DJs. Whether you’re into indie sounds or ride the dance beat wave, the JägerHaus is the place to be.

Jägermeister has deep roots in the music world, so it’s no surprise that the 2017 JägerHaus line-up features some of the biggest names. Jägermeister has hosted chart-topping Rag ‘n’ Bone Man, Mercury Music Prize nominee Jungle, and Jägermeister stage favourite MURKAGE, who performed with UK’s most influential artists of the millennium, Mike Skinner. Not only does the venue book the freshest acts of the season, the Jägerhaus welcomes music industry stalwarts – Jamal Edwards (founder of SBTV), Rudimental and Blossoms to name a few.

The fun doesn’t stop at the music, the JägerHaus is also the hottest drinking hub at the festivals, with Jägermeister on tap and innovative cocktails being served up, the Ice Cold Shot is just the start of the drinks menu. From the berry-inspired Purple Stag to the signature ginger beer paired, Root56, revellers can enjoy a range of world-class summer serves to get the party started.

So pack up your tents, get your wellies on and head to one of the festivals on the JägerHaus tour:

Lovebox – Friday 14 & Saturday 15 July

Citadel – Sunday 16 July

Kendal Calling – Thursday 27-Sunday 30 July

Bestival – Friday 8-Sunday 10 September

The JägerHaus journey

The seven unique spaces in the JägerHaus have been revamped, ready for the troops of music enthusiasts to enjoy the Jägermeister vibes. As you enter, the sweet Jägermeister-inspired botanical aromas will hit you and tempt you to grab a drink at The Lodge Bar. Showcasing the unique qualities and versatility of Jägermeister, the menu includes the classic Ice Cold Shot, the signature Root56 (Jägermeister, ginger beer, cucumber and lime) and Black Spice (Jägermeister Spice and cola), and the best Jäger cocktails, Hunter’s Punch, Purple Stag and, Deer and Beer. Created by the Hubertus Circle, an exclusive range of elite UK bartenders, alongside Jägermeister brand ambassador Florian Beuren, the selection of summer serves highlights the superiority of the herbal spirit, and will surprise the drinks aficionados amongst us.

After choosing a drink, you can take two paths, choosing to wander through the wardrobe into the Backyard to chill out and soak up the sun, or to venture through to The Warehouse and revel in the energy as you watch your favourite live acts and DJs. 

Whatever the British weather may hold, there is something for everyone at the JägerHaus; if you need a little sprucing up, then head to the ‘Pimp my Wellies’ station to get your footwear adorned.

For VIPs and Special Guests of Jägermeister, there is an escape in The Loft which hosts the best view of The Warehouse stage, a fully stocked bar, comfy seating, and some good old-fashioned games – Jägermeister pool and foosball.

For those that can’t make the festival fun, London’s independent station, Soho Radio has teamed up with Jägermeister to broadcast from the JägerHaus at LoveBox, Citadel and Bestival. So tune in to be part of the best summer ‘Haus party’ out there!

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