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New Era: Saults return with much-awaited new single ‘Stuck in Old Fantasy’

After two years of silence musically while their close bond with real fans on social media only grew closer, Saults make their much-anticipated return with a catchy track all about being ‘Stuck in Old Fantasy‘.

Saults is a France-based indie Pop band who were formally living their dream in London before this horrific pandemic forced them back home.

The creative duo make an electric blend of music vibrations made with love to entertain all listeners, as they add in a fresh sprinkle of Funk and Rock to excite us all.

Produced by Jack Wilson, you feel that this is the start of something special for the Sault’s brothers. Sung with a marvelously buoyant pureness and featuring their signature funky style – that has you joyously clicking your fingers and winking cheekily at your giggling crush – there is much to love here about a song that has us feeling so much happier than before.

Stuck in Old Fantasy‘ from the France-based indie Pop three-piece brother act Saults, is a don’t-waste-your-time gem about trying to move on. Performed with a reinvigorated edge from a band who have clearly missed releasing music to their old and new fans. there is a crisp taste here that feels so deliciously good.

Check out this epic new track on Spotify and see more news about this quick-rising band on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen