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J. Marquis – Motions ; A brilliant art of music in motion

On the real, this is an amazing single from J.Marquis. It’s a song that’s denuded of soulful swings. The song was so remarkably pitched in a cool way, that, from time to time the vocal facet of the artist push out a nice sound that tends to resemble that of Drake’s deep vocal sound.

The rhythm that comes out from the song could be likened to an A-list type of insouciance. You don’t have to look or try too hard to decipher what’s really packed in this song. From the very first seconds of the song, you’ll be ushered into a high realm of reverie by the soft but yet intriguing nature of this song.

The lyrics are brilliantly penned with a call to a direct clear course and a little bit of storytelling. You might as well find this song kinda snappy but it does not take away the fact that it brought back to life the hip-hop history of social solitaire behaviour.

Whatever the reason that will make you think what thought of this song after getting to listen to it, we will still agree that the overall art was impressive and coated with an unalloyed quality sound at least.