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I’ll Keep On Trying: Melbourne’s Izzy Day asks for calm away from the noise on the supremely beautiful ‘Silence’

As she sweetly adores the person who makes her soul so happy and free, Izzy Day wants the moment to last and for the fights and discontentment to be over for good, on the spectacular new single that urges ‘Silence‘.

Izzy Day is a delightful Melbourne, Australia-based, Gold Coast-born, indie alt-soul singer songwriter and music producer. She smartly connects retrospective stories of life into alluring soundscapes to warm up your cold feelings, that has your mind lathering up so much goodness to heal up.

Silencerelays vulnerable challenging moments along the journey of love. Its melodic vibe carries you through, unmasking a paradox of emotions, between feelings of disconnection and deep longing.”Izzy Day

You feel the stunning aura around her — as she gracefully takes us on a peaceful journey that has so much relevance in this quick-swipe world — that demands our attention needlessly at times. Her wonderful vocals are so crisp and angelic, as you end up closing your eyes and imagining that close touch with that special human who you feel the most for, as you stay tight in each others arms.

Silence‘ from Melbourne indie soul artist Izzy Day, sweeps you away into a world that is so dreamy and peaceful. She sings with that freedom which is so rare. She tells us the story about loving them so much — that words aren’t even needed — just being there together as one. That is true love after all.

Stream this fine single on Spotify and see her social journey via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen