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Its Ok To Talk About It

Its okay to talk about it: J0VANNA puts her heart and soul into inspirational story of extinguishing mental health demons to help others on ‘Brain On Fire’

Powered by Funky Indigo Entertainment, the sensational J0VANNA is absolutely breathtaking on the personal ‘Brain On Fire‘, that shows us that its okay to ask for help, when you feel like you are sinking in your own mind.

Motivational Pembroke Pines, Florida-based r&b/soul singer-songwriter, spiritual badass and Berklee Music Business student J0VANNA, makes that meaningful music that took so much strength to release to the world, as he puts her feelings on paper to help others through her own struggles with anxiety, depression and OCD, when she was an impressionable young teen. She sings with honest passion guide others that are dealing with this right now, as he is a caring individual that truly believes that through this wonderful art, healing is waiting for us all if we ask for help.

Her voice is so spectacular and she sings with that inner desire that lifts your mind to overcoming your own demons. The heights here are angelic, her vocals so high but effortlessly delivered, with amazing class that impresses mightily.

Brain On Fire‘ from the dynamically talented and sweet soul J0VANNA, is an ode to the future and trying to cool down the heat-filled mind, that is overstimulated and needs to replenish the cooling mechanisms inside, to soar above in the clouds again.

She isn’t hiding away and if anything, her voice is on fire. She has bravely walked outside to send a must-hear message of unity with a life-changing story of breaking those shackles and walking free.

Hear this inspiring single on Spotify and see her story to the top on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen