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Hit-Kunle – May I Have Some? Good Vibes Only

There’s upbeat tracks, then there’s May I Have Some by Hit-Kunle by the infamous Italian Tropical Rock Band that’s currently taking the country by storm with their Album release tour.

Before you listen to this track, prepare for the unexpected, prepare for the most vibrant melody that has the ability to absolve even the deepest of melancholy. As soon as I witnessed the soulful vocalists smile on the video to ‘May I Have Some’ I was enthralled by her raw magnanimity. Whilst the soulful lyricist undeniably fronts the 3-piece band, the instrumentalists contribution to this sound cannot go unmentioned. The rolling bass rhythm almost gives this track a ska sound under the excellently styled rock sound that cradles her voice. It’s a medley of genre’s; Soul, Funk, Jazz, and Tropical Rock, it’s all there, in one perfect package to create a collective of good vibrations infused with Afro-Latin charm.

May I Have some is full of immersive instrumental breakdowns that you just get lost within, it comes off their first album ‘In The Pot’ released by Bello Records.

Check out the official video on YouTube

Head on over to Hit-Kunle’s Facebook page where you can find more information on their latest releases and tour dates, as they take their latest album across Italy.