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Bruises Of Mine: Italian artist Isohel looks to heal by the ‘Ocean’

As he soaks his broken heart into the seas of calm to smartly replenish his boundless energies so that they may regain former glories, Isohel sings with such exciting meaning on the impressively self-produced single ‘Ocean‘.

Luca Indino aka Isohel, is a smoothly-voiced indie-pop/dance singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and music producer from Italy. He makes that catchy type of music with a true meaning – as he is a deep soul with a thoughtful mentality – that ensures there is so much to admire on this dazzling effort.

You feel his passionate vocals help him float far away from the windy storm from before, as he flows with the peaceful waves that have taken him from what transpired before. He performs with such a distinct style and everything seems so effortless and with much personal insight, as this is an artist with that rare self-assurance which is clearly heard here.

Ocean‘ from the Italian music producer and electronic/pop singer Isohel, is the tale of finding the motivation to cleanse yourself after being hurt. You thought that everything was perfect for a while but then your intuition told you something else – as your soul proceeded to gain many scars – and now need time to recover from the heartbreak. This is a well-made track with plenty of punch and deserves our intimate attention.

Stream this top new single on Spotify and see more on his IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Isohel has released single ‘F****d Up’

Isohel has dropped his recent release ‘F****d Up’ with soothing vocals and killer instrumentals. From start to finish it constantly takes you by surprise.

A short piece, but one that has many elements that stand out. The way in which at the start it begins with this soothing vocal and calming melody that collides alongside it. When you first listen you’re hooked but then after a few seconds, it takes a whole different sound.

It begins to add in that more Hip-Hop style, adding that hard-hitting beat that pulsates out from the background, giving the voice more distortion, still keeping that soft texture. The rhythm that intertwines is insane as well as the vocal ranges that Isohel presents throughout this piece.

Isohel has created a piece that at the start you would expect to stay the same. Regarding the vocals and pace of the instrumentation but instead, you’re taken from something slow-paced to a lot more high energy in a split second.

If you want to listen to Isohels single F****d Up you can do so by clicking here.

Review by Karley Myall