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Kita P Delivers A Strong Positive Message Of Awareness Through Her Soulful Song “History”

Kita P is a singer songwriter who is able to stand out from the rest with her strong soulful lyrics and melodies and a laid back r&b vibe which truly makes her music sound and feel good. With her song “History,” she not only showcases her soulful artistic qualities but also presents a very strong and positive message which is all about awareness about our history and heritage. She does not do this alone though, with iShmAel’s solid rap flow by her side the message is clear and awakening.

From the first few luscious chords on the Fender Rhodes and the laid back groove it is immediately noticeable that Kita P is influenced by the very best in soul music, and as the groove carries you along, the message behind the lyrics unfolds through melodies which explore an interesting range and shape. This song itself is not the only one with a message though. It is, in fact, part of a seven song project entitled “The Lessons” which, as the name implies, is all about experiences lived and learned, making Kita P’s music not only very enjoyable but also insightful and though provoking, truly using music as a language and way to communicate a soulful message.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja