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Isaiah Moss doesn’t want to be hurt for too much longer on ‘Grave’

Knowing that his sore heart has grown rather tired of this troubling game of distance, Isaiah Moss shows us so deeply inside his current mental state with a song that might make you shiver in fear with ‘Grave‘.

Isaiah Moss aka Jaden Kim is a Southern California, USA-born indie alternative solo singer-songwriter who formulates music that is refreshingly different.

Moss’ sound is best described as having the grandeur of a Floyd composition, the soul chops of an early Kanye record, and the technical competency of a five-year-old.” ~ Isaiah Moss

With a courageously intense story that is brooding and shall put your entire mood into a different mindset from before, Isaiah Moss is a performer who puts it all on the line each time and rips the plaster off with a raw display you can’t explain unless you listen loud.

Grave‘ from Southern California, USA-born indie alternative solo singer-songwriter Isaiah Moss is a troubling single that is all about being in a relationship that feels so cold and loveless from the other side. Feeling used and taken for a fool is the message that entails a unique vocal experience from someone who has bravely made such a personal song.

Knowing when you need to walk away before you slide down too far is the quest that many find while others don’t.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen