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ii can’t stop thinking about that soulmate who he wholeheartedly desires despite their distance on ‘Miracle’

Produced by FABI, THIS ONE GO CRAZY and Etto, ii hopes that somehow his dreams can come true no matter what the dreaded detours he’s currently facing on the speaker-sizzler that is, ‘Miracle‘.

ii (pronounced as the second) is a small-town Iowa, USA-born indie rap artist and music producer who formulates that new school sound that shreds through into our conciousness.

I also take big inspiration from The Kid LAROI, Juice WRLD, and Glaive. I listen to all types of genres but my favorite at the moment is hip hop.” ~ ii

Displaying his youthful promise for all ears to be enraptured by, ii shows us deeply inside his current mindset, which is ravaged by the pain of losing the one human in the world who he truly loves with all his heart.

Miracle‘ from Iowa, USA-born indie rapper and music producer ii is an elevating single that will give hope to those who want that special touch again from their ideal lover, despite the challenges of being together. With a unique style that has you turning the volume up to max so that each word is heard correctly, this is a single for anyone who needs to know that giving up isn’t an option.

When you believe you can be together again, anything is actually possible.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and check out his IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

LA-based RnB artist OHWOWGO Jordy wonders if its love or lust on the visuals for ‘Necesitas Amor’

Incorporating in his relaxed style with a catchy single that takes your mind into a place of potential, OHWOWGO Jordy shows his crush that they need to come for a ride with him on ‘Necesitas Amor‘.

OHWOWGO Jordy is a Des Moines, Iowa-born, Los Angeles, California-based RnB solo artist who is one-half of The Montells.

Dubbing his style as a blend of trap meets jazz, OHWOWGO Jordy’s influences span the musical spectrum, and draws influence from the likes of Bob Marley, 2pac, and Lauryn Hill.” ~ OHWOWGO Jordy

Showing us why his name keeps on rising after each release, OHWOWGO Jordy is in the mood to get close with that special soul who takes his breath away all night long.

Necesitas Amor‘ from Los Angeles, California-based RnB solo artist OHWOWGO Jordy, is a fun single that takes you into a world that so many feel right now. As we look deeply into the eyes of someone who has you in a dreamy mode, this is a joyful track – that will have you edging up the volume – so that you can wrap yourself into a world that is all about who you can be with if you grab their attention. Sung with a smooth style and featuring visuals that have you looking into your own heart to figure out who you want to be with, this is a single that is one of the most romantically-friendly tracks that will have you calling your future lover.

Check out this new music video on YouTube and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Iowa-based alt-rock trio treesreach refuse to waste valuable time again on ‘How It Seems’

Encouraging us all to only do what we actually love until our final day on earth, treesreach bring us a song for The Great Resignation that has fueled our creative fires to reach for those goals and to never settle for the dull again on ‘How It Seems‘.

treesreach is a Cedar Rapids, Iowa-based indie alt-rock trio that was formally known to the masses as Live Broadcast.

Mixed by five-time Grammy Award-winning producer Ryan Freeland who has steered them into a new sound that is away from their previous overdub-heavy sonic landscapes, this feels like a smart step in a new world and the results are quite incredibly well received.

The song encapsulates the mindset songwriter Dillon Rairdin was in just before he quit his desk job. He was sick of it, yearning to find a way out, and yet felt utterly trapped. And, after playing the song for some people, he soon found out he wasn’t the only one feeling this way.” ~ treesreach

Opening up the door with an insatiable hunger and running free from the locks of doing something you feel no natural connection to, treesreach bring us a relevant track to remember that has reignited our souls with a real message and calming vocals that make this is a special experience.

How It Seems‘ from Cedar Rapids, Iowa-based indie alt-rock trio treesreach, leads us into a psyche that millions all over the world are feeling right now. Hiding under the sheets to avoid the absolute boredom from a job that has you sensing that you are completely wasting time from what you could be doing.

With a nostalgic vibe that has you feeling like you are in a movie as you drive home and feel so reflective, as you wonder to yourself if you are actually doing what you really love or living instead in the Matrix.

Listen to this new single on Spotify and see their IG page for more band news and announcements.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Told Me She Loved Me: Des Moines rapper Scoobee Oh Boy (feat. Ty Walker) can’t believe she cheated on him with a former homie on ‘She Lying’

Shot By TroyBoyTheBeast, Scoobee Oh Boy (feat. Ty Walker) is utterly distraught and completely disgusted that his ex would play around behind his back with a guy who he valued once as a friend on ‘She Lying‘.

Scoobee Oh Boy is an Ivory Coast-born Des Moines, Iowa-based indie hip-hop artist. From the gold-domed capital city known for Insurance companies, he is a motivated artist who wants to morph Africa and the USA together through the language of music.

You feel his memory go back to the time when he bought her a couch and wonders if the guilty duo were together romantically on it, as his voice shows the distrust he has gained now due to this traumatic event. Rapped with a vicious intent and combined with a busty beat on a well-shot video, this is a track that has your mind going frenetically back to that moment you just knew that something was off and smelt like sour milk in your all-knowing palate.

She Lying‘ from the Des Moines, Iowa-based Scoobee Oh Boy (feat. Ty Walker), is that true story of feeling so empty inside your whole body after being let down badly by someone you loved so much. He feels the pain deep down like a knot in his stomach that won’t go away, as he raps with an ominous conviction of making sure that this will never happen again. This is a break-up track with an emotionally-charged artist – who is still in utter disbelief over being lied to – when he thought everything was going so perfectly.

Sometimes you need to vent out the pain, so that you may return to your former self again.

See this new music video on YouTube and check out more views on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Get Fresh: YG Capo is ready to take over the city with ‘Hit’

Taken off his blaring thirteen-track album from March 2021 called ‘The Architect‘, YG Capo returns heavily with his underground fortitude to knock down any pesky obstacles that are unwisely in his way with ‘Hit‘.

YG Capo aka Noah Greysin, is a Clinton, North Carolina-born, Davenport, Iowa-based twenty-four year old rapper. He forges through with a ferocious delivery that serves notice of his intentions to take his talents as far as they can go.

With a unique West Coast vibe, YG Capo is known for his contagious enthusiasm and individual vocal stylings, as well as his often direct and powerful lyrics. An artist with a strong sense of who he is, YG Capo is bringing quality to the forefront of his music, and representing the young generation on the rap and hip-hop scene.” ~ YG Capo

With a calm but rugged flow, he drops lines that has your mind transfixed by his smoothly-lit delivery which has him on top form here. Each verse is spoken with that true meaning, as he rips through anything that isn’t on his side of the fence.

Hit‘ from the North Carolina-born, Davenport, Iowa-based rapper YG Capo, is a bar-filled effort which shows his inspired mindset to take charge of his own destiny. He shows the world what he is capable of with a business orientation-stacked message to all that doubt him. This is a rapper ready for anything and you feel his hunger to truly succeed, where others have failed.

Stream this new single on YouTube and see more via his IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Jammin’ Alone shows us the way of life with ”Por la Vida”

Jammin’ Alone is a mostly self-produced rapper from Des Moines in Iowa. With a unique take on traditional hip-hop sounds, Jammin’ Alone sculpts beats around his calculated flows, refreshing choruses and hard hitting lyricism to tell his stories. This is a real life textbook on what life is all about. The ups and downs of the wild world.

Por la Vida” is a story about life and living. No matter what you might as well enjoy things and figure it all out. There is a crafty beat here and this song jumps up on you. This is about finding a reason to do what you do and do it the best you can.

With a slamming beat this is a memorable song from the Jammin’ Alone outfit outta Iowa. This is a track with all the ingredients you like in a Hip Hop remixed style. ”Por la Vida” is a winner for 2020.

Stream this gritty tune right here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Eugene Levy wage war on boredom with new track ‘Use Your Body As A Weapon’

Iowa-based pop-punkers Eugene Levy have released their newest track – alongside accompanying lyric video – ‘Use Your Body As A Weapon’.

‘Use Your Body As A Weapon’ is a biologically-charged bop that doesn’t waste any time in punching you in the face (or various other sensitive body parts) with power-chorded pop-rocky goodness. Levy alternates between chuggy fifths across verse and chorus with the lead singer’s vocals crushing the mix in that classic mid-2000s voiced tone: and it’s a solidly enjoyable number.

For fans of heavier pop-punk stylings like A Day to Remember, Eugene Levy have solidified their status as pre-eminent Iowa pop-rock. ‘Use Your Body As A Weapon’ laments the failure of not only our bodies, but love, change and the failing of others in the process. It’s not all bad vibes though, the group’s nostalgic cadence – like that of golden-era pop-punk – helps them shine through the darkness and come out the other side with a sparkling lead track. 

You can listen to Eugene Levy’s ‘Use Your Body As A Weapon’ over on their YouTube channel here.

A&R Factory Present: Max Jury

Max Jury is a singer-songwriter from Des Moines, Iowa. A love of great American songwriting from the likes of Bob Dylan, Gram Parsons & Paul Simon has helped him hone and craft his own skill. An undeniable talent, 23 year-old Max Jury is sure to establish himself as an American great in his own right.

Fresh from his UK Tour, where he played sold out dates across the UK including the 100 Club in London, rising American talent Max Jury releases his new single ‘Love That Grows Old’, from his stunning self-titled debut album, on August 5th.