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A New World: Belarus Electronic artist Amo De Viénn takes us through the darkness on ‘Intercity’

With the might of the powerfully emotional Baltic Sea right behind his back to help break through anything which seems impossible, Amo De Viénn is quite translucently appealing via the new single which will possibly take your breath away for a few seconds called ‘Intercity‘.

Amo De Viénn is a Belarus-based Electronic solo artist who performs with a hugely compelling quality and takes your cognisance into a whole planet of discovery, due to the pulsating melodies and vividly transforming visuals on display.

Amo’s music cannot be associated with any particular style as his own individual style has been formed due to continuous experiments and sound borrowing from various musical genres. The sound of Amo De Viénn music was influenced by such electronic musicians as Emika, Jon Hopkins, Rival Consoles, SOPHIE.” ~ Amo De Viénn

Taken swiftly off the 5-track EP called ‘Ü‘, you feel the bass-shuddering impact so punctually on your animated senses that are querying what has just hit them back into a prosperous place.

Intercity‘ from the highly skilled Belarus-based Electronic solo artist Amo De Viénn is quite the majestic effort from a superlative talent who is only tapping into his talents. This is a mesmerizing performance that is filled with an ocean-healing ambience that takes your pressure away like a much-needed head massage, that is utterly brilliant and helps you conquer any challenges ahead as captain of the seas.

Hear this top new EDM effort to boost your energy on Soundcloud and see the journey continue via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen