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Michael J. Ulery – Distant Trains: Prodigally Expressive Instrumental Acoustic

Acoustic Scrapbook by Michael J. Ulery

When you think of guitar heroes, it’s not all too often they’re armed with an acoustic and arranging instrumental tracks. Yet, Columbus-based artist Michael J Ulery may be set to change that with his prodigally expressive soundscapes which have no requirement for lyrics to convey emotion.

For his single “Distant Trains” which was just one of the beguiling arrangements to feature on his latest album “Acoustic Scrapbook”, he created an accessibly light sound through his intricate skills on the fretboard. Along with bringing ethereal levels of melody in the single, he also poured a unique blend of catharsis into the single. If Jack Kerouac played guitar, I’m fairly certain it would sound a little bit like Distant Trains; it’s the simplicity of the sound which gives a slight anachronistic feel to the sound.

You can check out Michael J. Ulery’s latest single Distant Trains for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast