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Pizza and hot pop fuse as Triple Aidan drops the catchy truth anthem ‘I Wonder’

Triple Aidan drops the catchy truth anthem and visuals for ‘I Wonder‘. This is where piping hot pizza and pure truth dough, mixes together to cook us a truth music meal to fill you up.

This is a singer, lyricist and an artist who loves to evolve and create. Create music that all ages can enjoy, the beat is fussy and makes you sing along. There are Pop and Rock influences here with always a party vibe, Triple Aidan is a quality act who is finding his niche. The pizza fan cooks us up a tasty treat here.

You love her so much but you can’t be together anymore. The truth never comes out and you are tired of these lies. You wanted this to work but the whispers have become louder. You can hear them and you want the real thing now. A woman who is your life partner and you are truthful together.

There is so much to love here. ‘I Wonder‘ is a fine, classy breakup anthem that is so truthful. Tired of dealing with Insta and all it’s self-indulgence that has seeped into her soul, this is a song about moving on from it all.

Click here for the YouTube video.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen