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I Hear Voices: Torn Rhythms remembers the youthful hunger on Lines

Feeling like everything has faded away due to the cold world, Torn Rhythms takes us on a journey through the innocence of youth and shows us what life should be like on the visuals for Lines.

Torn Rhythms is a Virginia, USA-based indie 5-piece rock band that loves to inspire crowds with their classic sound that shall add a warm blood flow to all veins.

Ripping away all negativity and guiding us into a better place, Torn Rhythms has brought kindness back to music. This is quality stuff from an experienced outfit who shows us the truth.

Lines from Virginia, USA-based rockers Torn Rhythms is a trip down memory lane. It takes us back to a more suitable place. Flying hand-made planes, playing on the beach and reading after dark. This is pure. This is a single to show all kids, who have been exposed to the harshness of the world. To remind them that this is what it should be about, as freedom and learning to play, is the best way to being happy long-term.

See this inspiring new video on YouTube.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Netherlands pop act Trigg3r Happy Inc feels so good on their happy single, ‘This Is Hollywood’

Showing that ambition to be massive in a big town that can either make you famous or break you into tiny smithereens, Trigg3r Happy Inc leads us into their new world with a huge smile on ‘This Is Hollywood‘.

Trigg3r Happy Inc is a Netherlands-based indie retro-pop group who like to help others release the stress of modern day life and bring a sense of genuine joy to proceedings.

Our goal is to share our music and inspire others.” ~ Trigg3r Happy Inc

With a love for the journey and wanting to make it to the top of their chosen career, Trigg3r Happy Inc are that appealing wind of energy that we all needed to brush away those negative feelings of yesterday. Spontaneously formed 6 months ago, they have innocently led us to the door of opportunity that is waiting for us all to open if we are brave enough.

This song is about the Hollywood state of mind.” ~ Trigg3r Happy Inc

This Is Hollywood‘ from Netherlands-based indie retro-pop group Trigg3r Happy Inc is a charming effort that shows us those big dreams that can definitely become a possibility if you want it enough. They have smartly showed their youthful attitude that is certainly welcome when we need it most into a world that sometimes wants to knock you down. This is a fresh single with likeable vocals for anyone who needs hope again, to keep those eyes shining to the top of the mountain.

As long as you have the will to reach those goals, there is nothing stopping you but yourself.

Listen up to the audio on YouTube and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

‘Let Me Dream A While’ is the fantastic debut dreamy-folk single that inspires thanks to the incredibly gifted Sabreen Islam

Let Me Dream A While‘ is the fantastic debut dreamy-folk single that inspires thanks to the incredibly gifted Sabreen Islam. She takes us on a sweet journey about childhood and this is a new track that makes you happy inside.

You close your eyes and remember all of the amazing memories you had in your youth. You wish that you could stay young and not get grumpy and get out of touch with what life is really about. No one told you about getting old and you cling onto the memories when life was so simple.

This is an indie folk song that reminds you to live in the moment. Staying young is so important to your heart, good for your smile and living the way you should. With pureness and a curious mind, staying away from the nonsense on TV.

Sabreen Islam is such a special soul, her voice is so sweet and you find yourself beaming from ear to ear. Her authentic style is so admirable and her lyrics tell a true story of incredible visions of what life was and how to add this kindness into adult life. The world may be harsh right now but Sabreen is a ray of sunshine, her stunningly beautiful voice is exactly what the world needs right now. A humble soul, full of innocence and meaning, is a true blessing to the soul.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen