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Italian-Ghanaian pianist BeccasMelodies keeps it rather mellow on the Playground

With so much serene beauty and a tranquil state of affairs to take us all back to school days, BeccasMelodies washes all the stress away with a youthful track to remember fun times with on Playground.

BeccasMelodies aka Rebekah Obeng is an Italian-Ghanaian pianist and music producer who makes timelessly calm classics to relax even the most stressed mind.

Her latest track “Playground” evokes a sense of nostalgia and innocence. It’s a place where people of all ages come together to play and have fun, and she wanted to capture that feeling in her music. The playground also symbolizes the idea of embracing childhood and letting go of adult responsibilities, which is a refreshing and powerful message.” ~ BeccasMelodies

Gliding rather freely and without anything flashy to get confused about, BeccasMelodies gets us away from a sleepy slumber and back into munching peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Playground from Italian-Ghanaian pianist and music producer BeccasMelodies is one of the more tranquil singles anyone is likely to release in 2023. Soaked into so much mellow vibrancy and taking us on a lo-fi dream to get engaged with, this is a rather memorable track to fuse tightly inside.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Lizard advises us to keep our ‘Innocence’ no matter what the world does

Rattling our eye-sockets with much careful abandon, the lads from Lizard skip their way into our consciousness with a bass-slapping performance to get you into the mood on ‘Innocence‘.

Lizard is a Liverpool, UK-based 4-piece indie alternative rock-jazz fusion band who met while at Uni and has cultivated quite the impressive cult following who pack venues like hungry wolves wherever they go.

When it comes to impressively stimulating new music to wash your scalp with, it doesn’t come more epic than Liverpool’s Lizard, who seems to score like Salah every week with their vibrantly skillful music. There is a glorious anthem here for us all to hold on tightly with, where there is so much gloom and doom everywhere.

Innocence‘ from Liverpool, UK-based 4-piece indie alternative band Lizard¬†is an anthem for anyone who has felt a little lost lately. Urging us to close our tired eyes so that we may go back to a time that has only smiles and laughs, this is a rather wonderful song when we needed it most. Pure joy is the ambience here. Rather splendid isn’t it?

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen