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Tahoe’s Nick LaBella drops journey-filled debut song ‘California’

Tahoe’s Nick LaBella drops debut song ‘California‘ and this is a lovely listen. With indie-folk love and stories attached, this is a song to pay full attention to.

With percussion and digital processing added to his vocals and guitar, its always good to have an extra little boost, Nick creates a signature sound that is sure to be warmly received all over the world. Burnt out after a successful career in the Corporate world, Nick decided that he needed a change. A new start which has music at the core. Being happy is so important.

Nick LaBella is quite inspiring on his debut song ‘California‘. The Tahoe-based musician shows us his journey here. He writes and plays a multi-generational & eclectic mix of folk, blues, rock and pop. Nick draws on a wide range of musical inspiration that touches the soul and warms the heart. This is the story of the underdog, driving southbound to find the next gig. With simmering vocals, Nick LaBella is quite brilliant onCalifornia‘.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

‘Talk’ from JJL & GLEV is a story of lost love that is now gone

Talk‘ from JJL & GLEV is a story of lost love that is now gone and you can’t even talk about it to each other now. This is a fine new school Hip Hop/R&B journey that will keep you entertained throughout.

Recorded, mixed, mastered by JJL, this is a new school love journey from these two conscious musicians. This is a mellow ride through working about what happened in the relationship. The trust was there but then it was gone so quickly. You were so loyal but sadly, your partner wasn’t and its time to move on.

Talk‘ from JJL & GLEV flourishes with the official visualizer. This feels like two artists who are just getting started and they have so much to offer. With great production and a vibrant vocal experience, this is a great listen and a warning to us all. Communication and trust is so important and without these two core components, things can turn dark really quickly.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Australian rapper Rivilin rips on emotion-charged ‘I Am Nothing’

The Australian rapper Rivilin comes through charging with emotion on the new Hip Hop laced single called ‘I Am Nothing‘.

This is all about being with someone you really care for, things are great at first. However for whatever reason, things haven’t worked out and now it’s over. You thought that this would be different but its turned out just like before. In heartbreak. The raging raw emotion is something to behold here as we have vocals that are so fiery and raps that tell the whole story. You now think that that person hates you as they are cold towards you now. Then you are together again but you know that she doesn’t want you in the bed when she wakes up. Things are messy now and you need to work out what to do.

I Am Nothing‘ from Rivilin is a wild ride into the emotion of a relationship that goes up and down, it’s fun and emotional but so tough to work out. This is a new school Hip Hop track with trap-filled influences that fire in with passionate vocals and lyrics. The young Australian artist has brought out a top track and the video is terrific.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


da22 intrigue with debut single ‘callingallcars’

Here is an energetic single to greet our ears so nicely from da22 as they smash through on ‘callingallcars‘.

Inspired by a misheard lyric, da22 (Dead At Twenty Two) explores existentialism in modern youth. In 2020, friends Sebastian Quintero, Destin Johnson, Ryan Denis, and Christian Carcamo formed the American alternative group, marking its debut with the single ‘callingallcars‘- a look into different perspectives and misinterpreted situations. This is a punk rock song that hits all the heights here.

“While all four of us are obsessed with the immediate captivity of a really obvious pop hook, I have an affinity for everything to the left of that.” says da22’s frontman Quintero. “The intensity of distortion, the ambiguity of an indefinable tempo or melody; traits perfected by the likes of Brian Eno and Sigur Rós, are ones I greatly admire. The marriage of both notions has always intrigued me. I think ‘callingallcars’ is a testament to that, which is why we went with it first.”

callingallcars‘ is a fun song that certainly jumps the heart into speeding off into the night. The power and skill here musically from da22 is a marvel to lock our ears onto like a comfy pair of headphones.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

‘Bright Lights’ from Scotland’s Jordan Murray is a marvellous single

Jordan Murray’s ‘Bright Lights‘ is a road trip journey of a song, its various layers of goodness shine in your heart like a bright dream. This is a song that should be added to playlists all over the world.

Jordan’s musical journey started back in 2013 when he released his debut EP ‘I’m Free‘. He decided to venture forth from his hometown in Dumfries and Galloway and headed instead to Edinburgh as he wanted to be in a City where his music could be noticed more. The songs from that EP were written about the big move and all of the changes in his life at the time. Moving can be tough but this seems to have strengthened his resolve to make incredible music with a classy touch.

2020 has been a crazy year and plans have changed the whole world. This however might be a blessing as Jordan has used the time to settle in the studio and get writing and recording. After not recording for a few years, this was well-needed and we can see how this has galvanised this incredible singer-songwriter.

I love the way this song stands out really quickly with the peaceful piano and then the strong vocals that are a sumptuous listen and gives the tired heart a remarkable boost. This is a singer-songwriter who lets us into his world, he is very thoughtful here and I can’t stop listening to this remarkable track. He is destined for big things and after topping the iTunes charts, and entering the Scottish official charts with a organic grown fan-base, we feel Jordan Murray’s break will just be around the corner.

Jordan Murray’s ‘Bright Lights‘ is a terrific indie song from such a talented musician. The lights are very bright here and Jordan impresses highly.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Australia’s Megan Core sends us mental health conversation starter with ‘Caffeine Fix’

Caffeine Fix‘ from Megan Core is the brand new single from the talented young singer-songwriter.

Megan Core is an Australian artist who writes honest and relatable folk-rock with an earthy feel. This down to earth singer-songwriter with a mellow style, makes the year a bit better with this fantastic song. This is her 3rd ever release and you can really feel her growing maturity.

Her last single ‘Lost In Mayfield’ was released a few weeks ago and is pretty personal and based around her love for Newcastle and the special people who can make a place feel like home. With new music out, this must be such an exciting time from the likable musician who is growing after each song. Her authenticity shining through is the most impressive part and there is no flexing here.

Caffeine Fix‘ from Megan Core is a lovely song, full of beauty and incredible vocals. The Australian singer flies high with her indie-folk melodies that makes you want to smile and think of things in a positive mindset despite the topic. Speaking with your close ones and making sure they are ok is so vital. This started after Megan couldn’t play for a while due to a broken finger and is such a blessing. Even if coffee makes this fab singer a bit anxious, she will do it to check in on friends.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Rising Australian DJ Madison impresses on ‘For Your Love’

Talented vocalist and producer/ DJ Madison from Cairns rips in with her fantastic fresh new single called ‘For Your Love‘.

Hot in the Australian music scene and growing globally, Madison is quickly gaining traction as one of the country’s most promising emerging DJ’s. Madison has warmed up for some of Australia’s A-List DJs, sharing the stage with the likes of Havana Brown, Tigerlily and Will Sparks to name a few. She is making her name and taking full advantage of what is happening before her. She is a passionate musician who is just getting started.

With a techno house beat, this is a real banger. This is a party track for all to enjoy and I love the vocals. This is a fab song that gets you in the mood to go out.

For Your Love‘ from Madison is a great track that rises through the smokey fires of 2020. This type of vibrant music that transcends the speakers and this young Australian producer and vocalist that is growing each day.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Browncoats rock in with the fun single ‘Katyusha’

The Browncoats are back with ‘Katyusha‘ and this is taken off their brand new EP called ‘Drunk‘.

Though the band have just released a new EP last fall, The Browncoats haven’t done any real touring since 2010. Most of their performance and hard copy CD sales were from the Comic Book Convention world during that time anyway.

Since then, their new song ‘Katyusha‘ (rendition of an old Russian folk song which was not particularly popular in that convention/nerd-rock world) has taken on a life of its own online with over 500,000 streams on Spotify. With such a fantastic reaction to this huge success, they feel like this is their time to become more well-known.

The bands goal for 2021 is to capitalize on that success and gain momentum enough to tour at regular music venues instead of Conventions. Then after that, the aim is to catch the ear of a decent record company that would be willing to help the band capitalize on this momentum.

Katyusha‘ is a fun song that is designed for those late nights the underrated The Browncoats. This can be turned up real loud and enjoyed with all the friends and new friends. The energy is alive and lots of fun is to be had here.

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Here is the Facebook page link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Portland band The Recognitions stride in with the epic ‘Silent Alarm’

Nervosism by The Recognitions

Portland, Oregon is the home of indie-rock band The Recognitions and they smash through the guitar strings with their new track called ‘Silent Alarm‘.

The Recognitions have taken many forms over the years from folks days, busking vagabonds, and now to indie rock groups and after a long break, they reunited with a pact: to examine and rewire all of their burgeoning tastes, from neo classical to krautrock; from proto punk to film scores, into their own musical language. This band is that pact and their debut is their first expression of that language. I love this energy and the fact that they know that it’s their time. I hope their music gets picked up for an epic movie soundtrack. This quality deserves that.

Taken off ‘Nervosism’, The Recognitions from Portland in the USA bring us such a deep gem with lots to think about on Silent Alarm‘. This is the sound of a quality band who’s pure vocals are perfectly intertwined to the winding riffs and tremendous drum-work on this dazzler.

Here is the Bandcamp page link.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen