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Enjoying the views: German act Sombrerobeach bring the fun back with ‘Grapefruit Song’

Bringing a fun vibe to make us smile again, Sombrerobeach bring the snacks for us to enjoy willingly on their new tasty single called ‘Grapefruit Song‘.

German-based Sombrerobeach, is an indie studio project that aim to keep the energy light and make that succulent music that lifts your mood to enthralling delight, makes you laugh and has you winking to your friends, as the lyrics will have you turning the volume up to make sure you heard them correctly.

With their satisfying indie-pop tone, you are brought into the picnic basket of happy times at the beach, as you lay back on your beach towel and soak up all the incredible funny words that enter your ears. This is that old school happy music that is so rare these days as they don’t take themselves too seriously, while making you grin and forget about your current worries, with a cheeky new single.

Grapefruit Song‘ from German indie project Sombrerobeach, is a feel-good saucy effort from a music group who take away the serious nature of current times, to lift us into the salty sea, wave happily to the ladies and splash around with new and old friends that just want to enjoy themselves. This is the perfect summer song and a throwback to simpler times.

Hear this beach party song on Spotify and see more on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Debut track ‘Chapter 1’ from Bombay-born actor and singer Mufasa Mirza is an inspirational tale born from 2020

Debut track ‘Chapter 1‘ from Bombay-born actor and singer Mufasa Mirza is an inspirational tale born from 2020. This is music born from a pandemic and the results are in. This is a song that breaks the glass for anyone who thinks that Indian Hip Hop doesn’t exists. It does.

You are new in the game and you are keen to show your stuff. This is the story of doing what no-one thought you could do. You love pushing yourself and this is your time to start a new journey. This is your time.

Mufasa Mirza¬†is in top form here on ‘Chapter 1‘. He raps with such passion and the lyrics are exciting and passionate. This is a man who lives in LA and the plan was to act and model.

2020 flipped the script and we are blessed to find a new gem from the dust. This is Indian Rap with a difference, this is a track with flair and we are witnessing a new artist who is coming in the game with fresh eyes. Lyrically this song is strong and with a fire beat, we could hear much more from this new rapper who is keen to make it big. He is backing himself and we should too.

Click here for the Spotify music link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen