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Melbourne band The Ugly Kings offer us a gritty blues journey on ‘Last Night Stand Of Sins Deluxe’

The Ugly Kings offer us a gritty blues journey on ‘Last Night Stand Of Sins Deluxe‘ and this is a top new track that has that real edge to it.

Sunny Melbourne in Australia is the home of the fantastic 4 piece band and they are a energy and emotional roller coaster ride. They hit all the heights and are such a terrific listen. There are such dazzling bass lines here that make this is a song to jam to. This is best experienced with the crew in the house, rocking out to the epic new tune.

This is all about being in your town for the last time, this time. You want to get out of there and meet a special friend for that last night. Or is it? You might return but for now you are here and making the best of the moment.

Australia’s The Ugly Kings bring us a marvelous track called ‘Last Night Stand Of Sins Deluxe‘. With a pure power blues feel, you get the injection of glorious music in your body the whole way through. This is an absolute winner and one of the best blues tracks of 2020.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Canada’s Yvngcatch spins in with ”Hot Wheels”

Edmonton, Canada is the home of Yvngcatch and he sprints in with ”Hot Wheels”.

Replaying the motions of my life through music has always been this young artist’s means to escape. Music might be the only thing keeping his generation alive. This is a self-aware man that is aware of that who intends to do his part in sharing his whole heart with you. We’ve stayed numb for too long. This is the mantra of Yvngcatch who shows maturity beyond his years.

The beat sways in like an old pro with a lyrical delivery this is clear and the beat is like cruisin’ in the clouds. There is no spinning here which is a testament to not lose focus. This is a cool like summer breeze kind of flow that is all for us to see in 2020.

Canada’s Yvngcatch has raised the bar here with his brand new track called ”Hot Wheels”.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Gooseberry’s latest single “The Protagonist” becomes a new contender for the catchiest Alt Indie track of the year.

NYC Alt Rock artist Gooseberry has returned with their unique infusion of Rock, Blues and Indie with their latest single “The Protagonist”. You could listen to the radio all day and still not encounter a catchier track.

With Courtney Barnett included in Gooseberry’s lyrical influences and Foo Fighters lending instrumental inspiration, The Protagonist is a gritty deftly stylised anthemic hit. It’s rare that we can say that the melodic hooks are just as sharp as the lyrical wit.

You’ll find the whole tonal palette served up in The Protagonist. From hazy warm Psych Pop tones to overdriven grinding guitar licks. The only constant in the dynamic hit is the magnetic accordance from the vocals which verse the highly relatable lyrics. I think we can all get behind the sentiment “The TV is all that’s real” after 3 months in lockdown.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast