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Finding My Purpose: San Francisco pop artist Theredsafari rides for the right cause on ‘Ain’t Rich Yet’

After losing himself into the jungle-ridden eight-track ‘Safari World: The Lost EP‘ with his fresh Nike’s on recently, Theredsafari pledges to make it up to those who backed him when he had nothing on the inspiring new single about reaching those manifested goals on ‘Ain’t Rich Yet‘.

Theredsafari is a melodic Indian pop artist who is based in San Francisco. He has the inner desire to keep on hustling no matter what his bank account says, as he seems to sing with a real long-term idea in mind.

Keep goin bro all u need is 1 person 2 believe in u.” ~ Theredsafari

On stunning visuals inside a vast mansion most of us would move into without a second invitation, he opens the massive door and shows us into the life which is possible. This is the message of never giving up no matter what, as succeeding spiritually, matters as much as how much paper you have to count.

With glorious vocals and heartfelt lyrics who feel like they are out of a motivational movie, he sings with such a highly motivated spring in his step. Each note is performed with a promising ambiance which has you totally enthralled into the moment, as you clean your shoes to take that all-important step outside into the world again.

Ain’t Rich Yet‘ from the San Francisco-based Indian pop solo artist Theredsafari, is the story of keeping those in mind who never left you for dead when they could of lost your number for good. He sings with a real winnable style and you sense that this is a mentality he has deep inside, as he looks to the future which seems like it is ready for him.

When you are on the way to finding that true purpose in life, doors seem to open that lead to you into the promised land.

See this new music video on YouTube and check out the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That Hot Late Night: THEMXXNLIGHT bring the pulsating heat with steaming visuals for ‘Naughty or Nice’ (feat. Wiz Khalifa)

Produced by Sledgren, Jacobi and Soriano, fast-rising RnB hit duo THEMXXNLIGHT charmingly return with their hot new single after the massive success of ‘Body Language‘, with the sensually sensational ‘Naughty or Nice(feat. Wiz Khalifa).

Akash and Krish Chandani aka THEMXXNLIGHT are a mightily confident Indian-American California-based indie RnB duo and identical twins. They bring on board the legendary Wiz Khalifa for this outstanding track with so much bounce, you can’t help but nod your head in ultimate joyful excitement.

Featuring direction by GShots and Joe Hood, the stimulating visuals here bring us smoothly into this drink-filled story of knowing what you want. This is the feeling of looking into her glittering eyes and wondering deeply is she is a good girl, or if she is looking for that bad girl kind of evening.

The vocals are brilliantly polished with class and mixed with the impressive feature of a hip-hop great, and this is one of those summer tracks to marvel gloriously with. This is the dance floor filler, as the atmosphere has you looking for that fun night, with a sexy track which has you swaying your whole body all night to.

Naughty or Nice(feat. Wiz Khalifa) from the excellent California-based RnB twin duo THEMXXNLIGHT, is a house-party winner if there ever was one. With a lusciously tasty beat, gorgeous visuals and featuring three world class artists in their prime, this is a sure-fire hit that has your whole delighted body in absolute euphoria.

See this party-lit music video on YouTube and see more news via their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Trying Too Hard: Himang wonders why they argue so much on ‘Young’

As he wonders what is wrong with him as things just aren’t working out with his love, Himang says what is on his mind via his new innocent single that will have you dancing wherever you are on ‘Young‘.

Himang is a flamboyant Beijing-born Korean-Indian pop/RnB singer-songwriter and Berklee College of Music student. He is impressively fluent in English, Korean, and Mandarin, as he makes wonderfully constructed music about love and thoroughly enjoys to communicate his feelings and observations, with the adoring world.

You feel his smoothly shaved voice, that is to the point and sung with a terrific array of highlights — that bleach your speakers blonde — with a singer who feels like he only going to get better and better. His invigorating vocals has your mind in a happy spin, as you turn him up and enjoy the moment, with a singer who performs from the heart so sweetly.

Young‘ from the talented Korean-Indian pop/RnB singer-songwriter Himang, opens the freshly painted door to how he feels right now in this crazy world. He knows that he is young and says silly things sometimes, but doesn’t mean for it to be harmful in any way at all.

This is a reflective song that is perfectly timed when you laugh at those past relationships and all those foolish moments you wish you could take back. Living is learning they say.

Hear this new captivating voice as he moves up the ranks on Spotify and see more news via his growing IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen