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A&R Factory Present: Wingman

Wingman is an alternative rock band that lives at the juxtaposition of pop sensible and melancholy.

After years of frustrating and failed personal pursuits, members Con Davison and Dan Stewart met and formed their sound while playing as the rhythm section for another notable indie band, Ancient Mariner. Their debut record, Honcho, tells stories of stolen money, losing faith, and fighting crippling anxiety, all while being delivered by fuzzy guitars and infectious melody.

Self produced and engineered, the duo recruited Brett Bullion (Bad Bad Hats, John Mark Nelson) to mix the record and Huntley Miller (Low, Aero Flynn) for the master.

Their first single, Giant Microphone, boasts grit and groove in which bobbing your head becomes second nature.

The second single, In Comes Rushing In, is a clean and moody track, that builds in intensity and power; all the while never losing its melancholy sweetness.

Honcho will be out on June 10th.