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The World Will Keep On Turning: Nashville-based Americana singer-songwriter Brian Allison tells us to stay strong on ‘Keep Your Head Up’

As he urges us to stay calm despite the stormy seas around as things will always get better, Brian Allison sings with such a caring ambiance on his latest single which is all about gritting your teeth and never giving up on ‘Keep Your Head Up‘.

Brian Allison is a touring Americana singer-songwriter based in Nashville with a highly impressive beard, who has just moved with his wife and four kids from Chicago. He changed cities so he could be immersed into the mecca of live music in the USA, as he has goals that are lofty but definitely obtainable.

The song showcases beautiful string arrangements, and an emotional message of not giving up in the hardest of times. I wrote this song right after the lockdowns accrued last year during the pandemic.” ~ Brian Allison

He sings with such an intricate understanding and love for humankind, as each lyric performed seems to mean so much to him. Brian reaches notes that are rather outstanding and he turns up the volume quickly, showing us his vocal range which certainly leads us through into a new world of thought from before. His message is interwoven into our fluctuating mindsets, as he helps us understand that we can actually survive anything if we try hard enough.

Keep Your Head Up‘ from the Nashville-based indie Americana singer-songwriter Brian Allison, is a lively effort that certainly rattles your bones and wakes you up from the slumber-filled negativity, that is swirling around suspiciously on the empty streets like a vicious wind. This is the marvelous message we all need to consume, as the world will always be turning and there are opportunities out there to succeed.

As long as you are alive and kicking, there is always something to smile about.

Hear this new single on Soundcloud and see more on IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen