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Lil goosey feels the pain of dealing with disloyalty on ‘Heartbreaker’

Released from his well-received 8-track album called ‘The Eternal Dark Void‘, Lil goosey sends us a reminder that it’s certainly best to stick with those who are loyal when you are up or down on ‘Heartbreaker‘.

Immanuel Artemio Ewing aka Lil goosey is a Norfolk, Virginia-born indie Hip hop artist who is on a mission via his latest project to assist those who have either relationship or anxiety-related issues.

My next project aims to help people with depression and anguish and show them that he is not alone and that he can win in everything he sets out to do.” ~ Lil goosey

With honest and relevant lyrics that will have you nodding in agreement if you have ever felt that a slithering snake is ready to bite you, Lil goosey drops a flow-heavy track that has you counting those real friends on one hand. He is a self-enlightened artist who has seen the evil nature of the hood that wants that easy success when actually hard work and believing in yourself is the only way to financial freedom.

Heartbreaker‘ from Norfolk, Virginia-born indie Hip hop artist Lil goosey, is an honest single about seeing that some people are just keen to be around when your wallet is padded and times are at their best. After seeing those fake vibes that have frustrated him to the max, he now knows that he is only interested in helping his true family and going for success no matter who is wishing for his downfall.

Trusting himself is the only option when evil shadows are lurking around like blood-thirsty sharks in the moody ocean.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen