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A&R Factory Present: Christian Heath

Christian Heath is more than just your average man. A husband, father and diving instructor, the 31 year old is also a bona fide singer songwriter. While many may recognise him from the 2009 group of the same name, the Johannesburg based artist has since embarked on a solo career and is looking to take things to a new level.

Since the band’s inception, Christian has had four songs chart in top ten positions across various
stations, including 947, Jacaranda, East Coast Radio and more. Not one to brag, he believes that a good song, no matter the genre or trends of the time, will thrive. This sets the benchmark for his solo material, and those who know his previous works, will know it’s not often he fails to do so.
For many, music is a part of our daily lives, but for some, it’s as vital as the water we drink. For Christian, music was a part of growing up. Born and bred in East London, Christian started vocal training at age 7 and hasn’t looked back since. As with most singer songwriters, he spent the better part of his varsity years playing and singing in pubs and restaurants around Port Elizabeth, before relocating to Johannesburg in search of bigger and better things.

The band was a great training ground and the experiences are unforgettable. The singer recorded various singles in Hollywood and has opened for top South Africa acts, such as Prime Circle, Louise Carver, Jason Hartman and more. The most important lesson he took from this experience however, is that “If you don’t believe in yourself, no one will.”

Moreover, he says: “Work hard to get what you want cause no one will do that for you.” While he misses the brotherhood of a band, Christian wanted to return to his roots. With more control over his work, he can create the kind of music he would want to listen to. He says, “I am in control of everything and every decision no matter the outcome is my own.”

Asked what inspires his songwriter, Christian cites his family. Family is 200% behind everything he does and as much apart of the journey as he is. “They are everything to me,” he says. With his priorities in check, Christian, with his guitar in arm is ready to tackle the world, one hit single at a time.