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You Believed In Me: UK singer Stu Read apologizes for not being there on ‘I’m Sorry (For The Worry)’

As he sings passionately with such sadness and much regret, Stu Read tells us the heartbreaking story of not being around when he knows he should of been on ‘I’m Sorry (For The Worry)‘.

Stu Read is a soulful Oxfordshire, England-based indie pop/folk singer-songwriter and music producer. He has an ability to strike your heart with a stunning array of vocal skills, that reaches notes you thought impossible.

This song is all about reflecting on loss. Its a man who is looking back, and wishing he could have the time all over again, as he mourns losing someone who cared for him, knowing he could have cared more for them. This song slowly builds, meandering through reflection, and climbing to a final apology.” – Stu Read

I’m Sorry (for The Worry)‘ from the deeply-textured Oxfordshire-based music producer and indie folk/pop singer-songwriter Stu Read, is a harrowing tale of feeling that you should of, and could of done much more. Standing tall now and trying to make up for the time lost, he makes amends terrifically with a lovely song that will have you reaching for those tissues.

Hear this new single on Soundcloud and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen