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I’m Probably Sleeping

Looking For True Meaning: Sydney’s Tom Vs Tom drops fascinating new single ‘I’m Probably Sleeping’

Taken off his terrific debut EP called ‘Bedroom Demos’, Tom Vs Tom drops the synth-filled daydream that will have you in a gaze outside called ‘I’m Probably Sleeping’.

Tomas Somera II aka Tom Vs Tom, is an underground Australian songwriter/multi-instrumentalist, who has opened the door from his bedroom within, to create ear-filling psychedelia and cinematic mystical sounds, that transforms your mind into an alternate universe of discovery.

This is the story of wanting to be left alone for a while, as he finds what he is looking for in this rather odd world. He wants that real company but feels like he isn’t quite ready, unless its with someone who will be patient with him and help him succeed. Small-talk and meaningless dialogue just won’t cut it.

With a cruise-like beat that overflows with magnificence, this is a likable track that is so relevant in this selfish world that can seem a bit too much for the shyer person, who just wants to be around totally genuineness.

I’m Probably Sleeping‘ from the soulfully advanced Sydney, Australia multi-instrumentalist Tom Vs Tom, has us peering through the curtains and admiring this wonderful talent who performs with such a self-aware edge. With singles planned for the rest of the year and a full length album on the way, you feel like he is only going to blossom brighter than ever.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen