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Ildy Lee has unveiled her sermonic folk ‘Requiem for Peace’

With her latest single, the international singer-songwriter, Ildy Lee made her much-needed contribution to peace and sanctity. Requiem for Peace is an otherworldly sermonic folk extension of her empathy for those grieving in Ukraine. After facing Russian tanks in her home country of Budapest, she’s well placed to give us the sum of this colossal loss with a sense of sincerity that is scarcely heard on the subject.

I’ll never forget the Adam Curtis documentary, which pointed out that Patti Smith was as much of a part of her system for her reaction against it. Ildy Lee is one of the rare voices that can earnestly say that she’s efficaciously fighting against ever-prevalent justice. The compassion in Requiem for Peace is enough to force you into shedding a cathartic tear. In a time when a sense of humanity seems a scarcity, Ildy Lee is worth her weight in gold.

The official music video for Requiem for Peace is available to stream on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast