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Snapdibz has dropped powerful and catchy single You and I

Producer and songwriter duo Snapdibz has dropped single ‘You and I’ pulling in that Hip-Hop sound as he produces this fantastic piece.

This piece is one that deserves to be recognised, the flow is insane, the variety of vocal ranges that come through, and the upbeat melody that plays throughout. The way the vocals bounce of one another is what makes this song stand out.

The Rap takes the lead fast, having this energetic flow through the insanely fast pace verses that flow throughout. As the female high-pitched vocals begin to seep through as the overwhelming sense of emotion pours through bouncing back to the Rap as two vocals start going back and forth.

Listening to the way in which the two voices collide together perfectly, embracing that sound of Rap but also the melody that is sung by Snap with her insane vocals. Telling this story through the lyrics in such an incredible way as the melody pulses through. A piece with many elements, powerful vocals, and honest lyrics. It’s one you must check out for sure.

Check out Snapdibz’s single You and I by heading on over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall