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Your Eyes Are Sweet: Lance Houck has his heart stopped to the core on ‘I Need To Know Your Name’

Taken off his recently released five-track EP ‘The Favs‘, Lance Houck charmingly brings us a really sweet-on-the-lips-kiss new single all about love at first sight with ‘I Need To Know Your Name‘.

Hailing from an historically rich area that became a mining boom town in 1854, Lance Houck is a Sutter Creek, California-based indie solo indie pop/rock singer-songwriter, writer, music producer and bassist, who is also in local New Orleans soul/blues band I*ko Yaya.

After having his comedic track ‘Caterpillar‘ featured on NBC’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon recently, this is an artist who’s only mission is to provide entertaining music to the world to embrace, that helps us all have a better day away from any negativity.

You feel a motivated edge in his confident vocals alluding to the fact that he has indeed found someone rather different than the rest, as his soul is in a different galaxy all of a sudden. That feeling of just having to know their name is rather rare, as his voice is transfixed magnificently in your loved-up mind, as you imagine your dream partner right next to you.

In a romantic story about that first second love – intertwined in a kiss-me-first pop single – this is a gem wrapped in idyllic joy all the way. This is that time when you sense that you are away from all the hustle and only floating on clouds above, your eyes are fixed on only one person, as you wish for them to reciprocate your first move.

I Need To Know Your Name‘ from the skilled Sutter Creek, California indie pop/rock singer-songwriter Lance Houck, is that spark to the soul kind of track which makes all previous worries, vanish into the sky like they never existed. Made with a love that is so pure and genuine, you will feel a change inside you as you complete this wondrous experience.

Love is really out there if you keep on believing.

Hear this new single on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen