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If This Is Your Love

Full On Conditions: Dora Donaldson feels those unwanted tight chains on ‘If This Is Your Love’

As she plots her cunning escape from someone who is keeping her away from the person who she wants to be, Dora Donaldson defies gravity and glides away as she needs to feel like herself again on the terrifically honest new single ‘If This Is Your Love‘.

Dora Donaldson is a Hungarian-American-Swiss indie-pop singer-songwriter and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia-based multi-talented artist.

”“If This Is Your Love” acts as step one — recognizing when control is disguised as love (whether romantic, platonic, familial or societal). ~ Dora Donaldson

Dora Donaldson presents such a courageous comprehension and sings with a real finesse that is highly extraordinary. She seems to keep you so captivated from the first moment onwards – as she flies up above and gets far away from this evil heart that has kept her away – from the true path for this inventive soul to flourish freely as she deserves.

If This Is Your Love‘ from the Hungarian-American-Swiss indie-pop singer-songwriter from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia named Dora Donaldson, indicates a true beauty in an often cold world due to her luscious vocals – and incredible lyrics made from the heart – that might have you shaking in disbelief. This is a brave woman who has decided that enough is enough, as she flaps her gorgeous angelic wings away from the blind love that she regrets getting involved with in the first place. Sung with real strength, this is an anthem for anything who needs some inspiration-  to get away from that horrible person – that is greedily keeping you for themselves until they are finished with your cherished soul.

Hear this lovely new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen