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I Don’t Care: LA’s VALLEY GRL puts the middle finger up on the defiant anthem ‘IF I WANT TO’ (feat. Dev Soter)

As she sparks one up and takes a long pull to smoke out any inner anger she feels deep in her bones, VALLEY GRL shows the world that she is making her own decisions now and isn’t bothering with any unsolicited advice anymore on ‘IF I WANT TO(feat. Dev Soter).

VALLEY GRL is a feisty Northern California-born, Los Angeles-based indie rapper/singer who has had to claw and fight her way to where she is now. After moving around a lot when her school days ended abruptly, she has travelled the country and now feels ready for that global domination.

I wrote this song after I quit my job and had to move out of my LA apartment. I was lost, confused and emotionally f*cked up. I realized that for years I would hear people tell me I wasn’t making the “right” decisions; how I dress, how I act, how I talk… so a long time ago I decided not to give a f*ck. So this song is for anyone who feels like they are an outcast and/or sick of being told how to live their own lives.” ~ VALLEY GRL

VALLEY GRL lights up our imagination with a quick-fire track that shows us a talented creative who has broken through the walls of her past. After having a tough time when she was younger – you feel the intenseness inside her vocals that are sensationally projected – to lead us into her currently-evolving mindset of getting to that happy place, which is far away from the previously controlled world she was hidden inside for too long.

IF I WANT TO(feat. Dev Soter) from the fiercely independent LA-based indie rap solo singer/rapper VALLEY GRL, is that true story about following your own path after being doubted for so long. She sings with a passionate outlook and feels so content with her decision, to walk down her own road that will be filled with exciting adventures. We are witnessing a highly gifted young woman who has brushed off those who were dragging her down, as it feels like she is set for big things.

Hear this follow-your-dreams anthem on Spotify and check out the IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen