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If I Didn’t Know Ya

McQueen is terrific on instant classic ‘If I Didn’t Know Ya’

Taken off ‘Presenting McQueen‘, ‘If I Didn’t Know Ya‘ from McQueen is one of those songs that will be stuck splendidly in your head for days and days. This is a quality track of note.

You don’t know who they are but you are fascinated. You would like to get to know them but do they feel the same? You know that you two would get on well, there is no doubt about that. You feel that their style is so fine and fresh, you want to be with them so badly.

I love the fresh beat here from this song. This is so catchy and my head is bouncing. This is an indie-electro feast from the sky to us on earth to devour hungrily. I could imagine dancing to this for hours on end, sliding all over the floor. The vocals are crisp like a fresh packet of lettuce, the juicy beat is healthy and tasty for the heart.

McQueen’s ‘If I Didn’t Know Yais quality song and an instant classic. It has that sound that just feels so good. My soul is uplifted and I feel alive. This is making 2020 just a bit easier to handle thanks to this new artist that is going to make it big. Class is easy to spot and this is it.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen