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Gathering Dust: Adrian Fahy couldn’t keep to himself on Idols

Wondering why everything feels like hell right now, Adrian Fahy guides us through the conquered hate which can consume even the happiest souls with the movie-like soundtrack, Idols.

Adrian Fahy is a Tipperary, Ireland-based indie alternative singer-songwriter who makes melodic soundtracks to enlighten many minds about where the truth is hidden.

Inspired by legends such as Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan, Adrian Fahy takes us through the blindly followed path as we all find the right route, amongst the noisy news designed to confuse our precious minds. Performed with pure poise and an abundance of skillfully poised layers of excellence, we are stunned to the core by an outstanding creative.

Idols from Adrian Fahy is a rather magnificent single all about trying to find a real home in this rather strange world. Sung so authentically and sending us into a natural vortex of discovery, this is a stunning song made for our tired eyes to consume so wonderfully.

Listen up to this fine track on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Brushing off the doubters: Pat Magada shows them what they missed out on ‘Don’t Forget Me When You’re Famous’

After waiting in a massive line for six hours to get onto the Idols stage, Pat Magada had a tough experience but is doing what he loves at an extremely high level anyways, on the top notch single ‘Don’t Forget Me When You’re Famous‘.

Patrick Magada is a Filipino indie pop singer-songwriter based in Oregon, USA. He performs with that inner self-belief that shines through in his mesmerizing music style, that is born from watching his Mother play live in bars back in The Philippines.

His voice is so vibrant and care-free with shades of that extra enthusiasm, that makes him stand out from the crowd. This is a thriving musician that has taken a positive from a disappointing experience from a comment from a judge, that really doesn’t make sense.

You glide and slide with this terrific singer who’s voice illuminates the sky, and shows all singers that go on these reality music shows, to actually look at things differently from the norm.

Don’t Forget Me When You’re Famous‘ from Pat Magada is the ultimate ode to being rejected that day but having the strength to brush it off and do what he loves no matter what. One show or one judge’s opinion can’t ever define you and instead, this should be used to prove yourself right.

We live in a quick-swipe world that is often harsh and forgets you quickly. Having the positive attitude to rather enjoy the journey, make life-long friends and learning from the process, is the only way to grow and be stronger for the long-term.

Stream this fine single on Spotify and see the visuals and adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

UK’s Lewis Edwards sings from the heart with inspiring ”Idols”

Underrated British singer Lewis Edwards has just released his new r&b love story with ”Idols”. This is a fantastic song that cheers us up and also is reflective on love.

Lewis is attempting to rise to the top no matter what stands in the way. He is inspired by his idols and also wants to reach their levels. He is even keen to knock some of them off their pedestals. This is a humble singer and he also missing that special one that is just like he is.

Idols” is a sweet song with dynamic vocals and a smooth background style that maximizes Lewis Edwards track. I like his clean cut attitude and meaningful lyrics. The British singer raises him game here and this is a very pleasurable listen. His r&b indie persona is radiant and well-received in this dark year of 2020.

Stream ”Idols” here on Spotify.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen