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IDN synthesised an electrifying electronica hybrid in his sophomore LP, Voyager

IDN’s LP “Voyager” is an electrifying escapade into a realm where electronica melds with a kaleidoscope of genres. Each of the 14 tracks on this LP is a crucial fragment of an intricate cosmic voyage, transcending the norms of conventional electronica with audacious flair.

IDN, an LA-based queer Iranian-American polymath, infuses his diverse inspirations – from video games to sci-fi and psychedelia – into a groundbreaking sound. This LP is a unified interstellar journey, which pulses with life, intertwining industrial, dub, and psytrance into a hybrid tapestry of sound.

The genius of “Voyager” lies in its seamless blend of hi-fi sophistication and lo-fi rawness. This juxtaposition creates a soundscape that feels both futuristic and deeply rooted. With glitchy breakbeats and dub-infused electronic twists leading the listener through a labyrinth of auditory discovery, you will want to grab your passport to the 5th dimension before delving in.

The Voyager LP landed on January 12; embark on it via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Boston-based IDN moves on from a shattered relationship on ‘Do You Know What I Mean?’

Taken off the 14-track debut album ‘Kaleidoscope‘, IDN brings a modern reggae-like ambience to get that warm sun back in our drenched souls again after a frigid relationship that threatened to bring in that undesirable cold with, ‘Do You Know What I Mean?‘.

Iden Mozafari aka IDN is a Boston, USA-based indie singer-songwriter and music producer whose energy transmits only love and understanding into a world that can take your smile away if you let it.

Kaleidoscope is meant to reflect and refract itself, as shown in the interludes, blending together the project.” ~ IDN

Dropping a much-needed ray of sunshine that blocks out any rainy vibes that have brought you down lately, IDN is quite fantastic as he transmits only helpful thoughts that just require you to listen and lather inside each part of your beating heart.

Do You Know What I Mean?‘ from Boston, USA-based indie singer-songwriter IDN, is a track that helps you bring back that joy and care that was in your spirit before the glass cracked and you had to start again romantically. There is such a calm atmosphere here that is highly likeable and takes you into a better world again due to his incredibly soulful vocals.

This is exactly the type of single to play when you need some inspiration – to heal and be at one with the universe again – after a traumatic time that has you taking time out to relax and reinvigorate your energy that needs to be free from any pointless stress.

Hear this brand new single on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen